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In my experience, Life and Dreams have seemed to not do a whole lot of overlapping. The hard details that make up life seem to exist in an entirely separate realm from the dreams that flicker on distant horizons. Particularly when you add chronic illness to the equation.

But lately, I'm realizing that sometimes the dreams we think are so amazing are actually nothing compared to the dreams that emerge from life's hardest parts: the dreams God saw coming the whole time and had tucked away for us if we'd just wait and listen.

So maybe the Life and the Dreams aren't mutually exclusive. Maybe they really are all tangled up together in ways we cannot possibly anticipate in our limited human minds, or, rather, tangled up to our perspective but woven perfectly into a masterpiece if we could view it all from God's bird's-eye view. But that's where trust and hope come in.

At Life and Dreams, I periodically share updates on my holistic journey to health, as I am being treated for many issues like Lyme Disease (Babesia and Bartonella), mercury poisoning, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, food allergies, liver and kidney issues, gene mutations, various viruses and infections, and more with alternative treatments and lifestyle changes. These diagnoses came a few years after being told I have Fibromyalgia in 2011. You can keep up with my heath updates here and learn more insight into my journey here.

Along the way on this journey, I'll be gleaning new info on healthy living that I'll be very eager to share. And along those same lines, I'll also occasionally share insights into life and faith with chronic illness.

And every now and then you'll see important updates for my two small businesses and new songs I've released on Youtube.

I'm Kacie, a Bible-believing, very imperfect Jesus-lover, small business owner, writer, songwriter, music addict, helpless creative, old soul, and relentless advocate of truth, holistic health, and questioning everything but God. 

I graduated with a BA in Creative Writing just before getting sick and worked as a freelance editor until my health no longer allowed it. I now have two small businesses: a handmade jewelry shop called Katya Valera and Streetlights at Midnight, where you'll find original greeting cards, prints, and printables with an emphasis on faith and chronic illness. And I’m a country-loving West Virginia farm girl living in North Carolina with my amazing husband, quite a few dreams, and a lot of hope.