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March 27, 2013

Always Something New to Try

The jewelry at Katya Valera is always limited edition--the most I've ever made of the same item is 3 or 4, and that is exceptionally rare. That means I don't just have 5 or 7 styles I make over and over in different colors; I'm always coming up with or discovering different styles to try!

The new style to enter Katya Valera's Etsy shop is lariat necklaces! My brain really had a hard time believing the concept would truly work as people claim. But I've now got three new necklaces to prove it!

All you do is pull the dangle bead(s) through the circle or oval at the other end of the chain, pulling more or less through to get a longer or shorter look. Amazing!

Which one is your favorite?? :)

You can find additional pictures of each along with more info at my Etsy shop by going here.

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