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May 15, 2013

Gluten-Free, Coming Up!

In the link to the right, below that huge picture of me and my husband of now one year (!!!), you can find more info about me, the girl behind Katya Valera jewelry. But, as there is even more to that girl (thankfully) than Russian and a giant love of jewelry, I wish to share a little more than what can be fit into a brief bio.

You may have read in the aforementioned link that I live with fibromyalgia. And just one aspect of attempts at easing that state has been removing gluten from my diet, a change that has helped just enough in the past year and a half for me to discover that I am in fact gluten intolerant. Quite a discovery after more than two decades of eating all sorts of gluten-y goodness! (And trust me, a lot of times it feels like gluten's where it's at!)

So there I was, someone who did not grow up cooking (gasp!) and who makes no claims as to enjoyment of the task, with the need to keep myself and my new, big-eater husband fed without gluten, while also attempting to not live on just vegetables and rice cakes and not sacrifice taste completely for the sake of healthier insides. What was the solution? Pinterest! ;)

I like to think Pinterest was a huge blessing in our first year of marriage (don't I sound so old and wise? :P) and kept me from starving my husband. A couple of attempts were pretty sad. Even when I made them like the directions said... But we've discovered some huge favorites in my Pinterest experiments, and I have yet to even make all the recipes I've pinned. I plan to share some of those, and also yummy concoctions I've invented all on my own! Hey! :D

And while cooking gluten-free is definitely challenging, eating gluten-free at restaurants can be even more overwhelming. But over time, I've gathered info to make that undertaking easier--and tastier--and I would love to pass along what I'm learning in that area too!

So keep an eye out for an upcoming post on living gluten-free--just one more facet of the girl behind Katya Valera! :)

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