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June 14, 2016

Drops of Summertime Has Arrived!

I thought I was excited about my Spring Collection at Katya Valera in March, but I think I am even more excited about the Summer Collection, and it is officially now available for purchase in the shop!


"Drops of Summertime" is inspired by the quintessential moments of summer days and nights, from beach breezes to campground stargazing. 

Cirrus Sky necklace | $30

Honey Strands convertible bracelet/necklace | $40.50

Sunbeams earrings | $23

Sea Moss earrings | $22.50

Golden Waves earrings | $25

That's right--each piece is inspired by one of summer's most-loved events, elements, and memories, and you can find your favorite moment in the 35 necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in silver, gold, gunmetal, and bronze. I'm sharing just a few of my favorites here, but you can of course see them all on Etsy.

Watermelon necklace | $37.50

Iris necklace | $40.50

Sea Breeze bracelet | $33

Fruit Salad bracelet | $39

Sunkissed necklace | $54

Tea Party necklace | $48

Lemon Meringue necklace | $46

Pool Blue earrings | $24

Strawberry Picking necklace | $42

There are so many more not pictured here, so be sure to check out the rest of the collection in my shop!

Which is your favorite? See them all here!

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