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June 2, 2013

The Journey Collection: For Every Day of Your Journey

You may have noticed that every Katya Valera piece is part of one of several exclusive collections. The first of these is the Journey Collection.

Here is just a sampling of the many Journey Collection pieces.

All one-of-a-kind necklaces.

 The Journey Collection includes all the pieces perfect for everyday wear—to work, to school, just out and about.

So much variety!

True to Katya Valera’s limited edition tradition, the Journey Collection pieces are just as unique as those found in the other collections, but their styles lend them especially well to everyday wear, and they're often the pieces that you’ll find yourself wearing with everything.

Which one do you love?

See something you love? Get more info on each of them and browse even more Katya Valera pieces at my shop here! :)

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