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July 10, 2013

The Juicy Collection: Jewel Tones Galore

There is not a perfectly sufficient word in the English language to adequately describe the beauty of translucent, jewel-toned jewelry (or translucent, jewel-toned anything for that matter...). I love such hues so much that my entire wedding theme was composed of multiple jewel-toned shades.

So I have seized upon the word juicy, which admittedly means different things to different people, and lovingly apply it to anything that is translucent, jewel-toned and ... yummy (a synonymn for juicy, of course).

Think jello! ;)

Just filter any color through what it would be as jello, and you've got juicy. :)

Mmm, juicy-ness... :)
So of course there had to be an entire Juicy Collection!

See something you love? Take a look at my Katya Valera Facebook page to see how to purchase and to see even more juicy options!

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