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December 6, 2013

Endless Possibilities...

I love that custom order season has arrived!

LOVE this custom order from a while back! The customer saw this piece and wanted it in a specific color.

Then this custom order was recently requested to be in the customer's wife's birthstone color (which is also that of her brand new baby girl). I'm so happy with how the set turned out and was thrilled to hear she was too!

I've mentioned before that if there's any piece that's sold that you wish could be remade, sometimes it is possible, even if I need to order the supplies. I had to hunt all over creation to find enough of these leaves, but I did it!

Never before have I had such a big custom order! And there were a few more pieces not pictured.

The leaves were a hit! And Daisy loved them too. ;)

There's a world of possiblites with custom orders!

Custom orders are so much fun, and I would love to make your dream reality! Feel free to message me here or here to discuss yours! :)

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