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January 15, 2016

Introducing . . .

If you follow me on any form of social media, you've probably gathered by now that there is something BIG happening at Katya Valera on January 15th. Well here we are! You're actually going to get two huge announcements today because they involve each other, so hang on!

First came Katya Valera's new design (which I am thrilled with, by the way--man, my designer did a fine job! ;) and Katya Valera's website released in December. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the last two of my four big developments for 2016:

Just about every spare minute the past 3 1/2 months (that's it?!) have lead to this. First a flicker of an idea (and if I have one of those I've learned I need to hang on tight because I am inevitably going to make it happen), then thinking and planning, planning, planning to the point that my brain hurt, then gathering everything, then the making and the photographing and the editing. Whew. (One night alone I worked online for about 9 hours. That's just an example for you.) But I have to say, this has been a blast. I have never before worked so hard or had so much fun on something for Katya Valera. Turns out creativity + tedious organizational tasks + self-imposed pressure = about as happy as it gets. Who knew? Plus The Civil Wars on repeat in the background helped a lot too. But I digress...

First, starting in 2016, I'll be releasing seasonal collections at Katya Valera, with the Spring Collection coming to the shop on March 1! 

I can't tell you what all is in it yet, but you know of course that it's all jewelry handmade by me, and I can add that there will be something for everyone, with dozens of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in gold, silver, bronze, and gunmetal. As the release date nears, I'll be announcing the collection name and a description of the pieces. So keep your eye out for that info!

And second, the big secret is finally out: today I am launching KV Wishbox, Katya Valera's seasonal jewelry subscription box! 

The Spring 2016 KV Wishbox is available on Etsy as of right now (right now!) and lets you browse and snag pieces from the upcoming, not-yet-released Spring 2016 Collection at a lower price than the pieces will cost once they're available for individual sale.

The Wishbox is special for many reasons: It's a one-time, one-box purchase, so there's no pressure on you to commit to more than one box at a time. What you receive is up to you, and you have the power to make all your wishes come true. All of your options are exclusive pieces not yet available to anyone but KV Wishbox subscribers—you'll get to browse all the pieces to choose from as much as a month and a half before they hit the shelves at Katya Valera. And you keep everything you receive in your box—so no worries about returns!

The cost of the box starts at just $19 with $5.25 shipping and comes by Priority (2-3 day) Mail for US customers! Plus there are several perks that come with purchasing a Wishbox in addition to getting the items at a discount, getting to browse them before they're for sale on Etsy, and, of course, enjoying the excitement of receiving a box!

You can find out alllll about the box on the KV Wishbox website, and if you have any questions about it, please comment here or message me on Etsy! And of course you can get your box in my shop right here.

Before I close I wanted to add one more small tidbit. If you're a die-hard Katya Valera fan (hi, Mom! ;) you may have noticed my new section names on the left-hand of my shop. My items are now divided into "New," which is obviously my newest pieces all in one place, "Perennials," which are the items that probably won't be disappearing anytime soon, "3D Eloquence Collection," which is my new jewelry and original poem print sets collection that you should totally check out, and "Clearance," which includes over 100 pieces at 50% off--that's right, they're still reduced at insane prices because I need to clear room for the upcoming Spring Collection!

So I hope you'll take a look at all that clearance jewelry and find yourself a bargain or two, and most of all I would love for you to give the KV Wishbox a try and share it with your friends so they can do the same--there's a perk for that too! Happy shopping, and happy wishing!

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