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April 28, 2015

What's Up with This Blog

In case you were following my blog back at the start of the year (which was roughly yesterday and yet somehow months ago), you may be a bit confused as to why I put up this big ol' post about why I would no longer be officially blogging, and yet here I am posting several times since then, along with a new name and design.

Well, the new name and design just makes me very happy, and it also reflects my much more low-maintenance plans for this space--basically my place to share fewer, more important things with you. (Read more about that on my about page.)

But as far as what's up with me posting so often, I won't repeat here why I decided to stop officially blogging (that's all explained here), but I do want to say why I keep posting when I sorta said I wouldn't, at least a bit more so than the unless-I-have-a-big-announcement clause I threw out there.

Turns out, I can't handle the whole posting certain days with certain themes weekly thing. But it also turns out I seem to still have a lot to say, which I did not expect, and where else to say it except here on my own blog? And when I have something to say, I want to just say it, no rules of what day to post on, no number of posts to hit, no obligation to post again after that, and little to no effort social-media-ing my post. So that's what I'm doing.

Because I do finally have small (though huge to me) music announcements to pass along (another to come on Thursday!), and I may have jewelry or design sales to proclaim also. But the longer I live with chronic illnesses, the more I find I have to say about it, in addition to sporadic health updates. So I am. And I will. But this time around, whenever the need hits me, which may be five times in one month and then not for weeks and weeks.

So all that to say, yes I am posting much more lately than I planned, but just know that if you see a post from me, it's not to fill a tired theme--it's because I really, really mean it and must. speak.

Thank you for reading!

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