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April 30, 2015

The Return of "Let the Sky Weep"

I mentioned in my last health update that my favorite distraction is music. So I decided it's time for another Youtube release!

If you're at all familiar with my music of the past (which is about two of you reading this--hi, Mom and Michelle! ;) this song is (sorry!) not new to you. But it is one of my absolute favorites I've written, and my amazing accompanist, Alandra, blew me away even more than usual with her work on this song. So if it ain't broke...


This was recorded back in 2009 I believe, back when, by all obvious standards, I wasn't even sick. Yet somehow, knowing personally what this song was about, I feel like it is now so applicable to my life for completely different reasons. Sometimes you reach the point where you don't even have tears left. Sometimes you know you have every reason to cry but you're just not. Been there, done that. There now. More and more keeps happening and going wrong to the point that I kind of have to just shut off those emotions to survive. This song was always so me, but it's now really me.

That said, I am living proof that "sad is happy for deep people" when it comes to music, and this song makes me deeply happy. All these years--and so, so many trials later--and I still love this song. Enjoy the happy-sad with me? (And be sure to like, subscribe, and check out "Home to Emily" while you're there!)

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