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September 5, 2013

The Seasonal Collections: Starfish to Poinsettias

In addition to the four year-round collections, Katya Valera has three seasonal collections to cover special times of year.

The Mermaid Collection features beachy pieces perfect for summer:

Shells, mother of pearl, and sea creatures are plentiful in this collection.

The Symphony Collection celebrates the colors of fall:

Leaves and beads in autumn hues make up these one-of-a-kind pieces.

And the Fireside Collection covers winter, from Christmas through the end of the season:

Lots of red and green, poinsettias, and more...

Of course, the pieces in the Journey Collection, the Veranda Collection, the Juicy Collection, and the Cordelia Collection are perfect for any time of year, including summer, fall, and winter.

But the pieces of the Mermaid Collection, the Symphony Collection, and the Fireside Collection are equally perfect for their special time of year!

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