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January 22, 2014

Are You Ready for Valentine's Day?

So, we totally just had Thanksgiving ... and Christmas ... and now it's about time for Valentine's Day--and time to get ready for it! Thus goes the world, but it means tank tops and flipflops are getting closer, so I'm good with it! ;) (And I write this as a few inches of snow sit outside the window...)

If you're a gentleman looking for a unique gift for your lady, or a lady looking for some new Valentine-themed jewelry for yourself, I've got lots of options for you!

Of course, any piece of Katya Valera jewelry would be the perfect gift for the special day, but if you're going for specific Valentine-y hearts and pink and red and roses, then take a look!

You can get more details on all these pieces and order them before someone else gets to them in my Etsy shop.

And there's also my new Military Sweetheart Collection, whose pieces are all just perfect for Valentine's Day, military or not!

Camo and red, white, and blue, in either silver or bronze. So many options!

And as if that's not enough, there are even more Valentine's Day pieces in my Clearance album on my Facebook page! If you see something there you'd like to buy, feel free to message me on there or on Etsy and I'll gladly list it for you there!

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