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January 13, 2014

Budget DIY Jewelry Organizer

In case you haven’t already guessed, I am a jewelry freak. And since I just discovered making jewelry a couple of years ago (you can shop my jewelry here), that leaves a whole lotta years of amassing jewelry. (You know, since now I usually can’t bring myself to buy jewelry unless it’s handmade, preferably by me. ;)

So for a long time, my collection lived in bead boxes and such, but it would always end up all tangled together. And that’s just not very helpful when you’re already running late and have to wear jewelry…

So of course Pinterest had its suggestions on how to organize your jewelry on towel rods with shower hooks, and you mount it in your huge closet, etc. Well, I don’t have a huge closet or the money to buy and mount such awesome hardware. So, I came up with my awesome budget version. :)

Behold, $20 fantabulousness: my necklaces, bracelets, and rings … and some headbands … and belts (I don’t wear earrings) in one place!

For the necklaces and belts:
 Majorly cheap curtain rod (under $5—pretty much the cheapest they had)
C-hooks for a shower curtain (again, these cost about $1 for a dozen)
For the bracelets/rings/headbands:
Tie/belt organizer (probably in the vicinity of $12)
The rod and the tie organizer are then mounted with 
command poster strips (all from Walmart).

And that’s it! All my jewelry is finally organized clearly and conveniently and can be put on a wall on the back of a door (where I had it where we used to live), or on the wall behind a bedroom door (where I have it where we live now), or wherever you prefer!

The tie organizer was a bit of a splurge that I didn't have to do—you certainly could use a curtain rod in place of it, which would cost even less, or if you don’t have gobs of jewelry like I do, just one curtain rod might be plenty!

Just be creative, and see what you can come up with!

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