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January 29, 2014

Simplicity Has Arrived

We're well into the new year--already--and also well into new pieces in my Etsy shop!

Somehow I'm in a simplicity kick, so minimalist lovers, there's a lot here with your name on it!

My jewelry making tends to come in phases, so while simple's here for now, who knows what's next!

Top left: goldstone. Oh my word, it's the night sky in a pair of earrings.... :O

And since I finally, finally, finally have graduated from small clear boxes to big ol’ drawers for my supplies…

...things are really gonna start getting exciting! Just as soon as this cold or whatever it is finally goes away and I’m back to my version of normal (see my about page for what in the world that means).

So go ahead and do some looking around! And if you're not into minimalism, there's a whole lot more than that waiting for you in my Etsy shop. :)

Almost forgot about this intricate gem--now that took a while...

See something you love? You know what to do! ;)

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