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July 28, 2014

I've Got Raleigh Down, Y'all ... Not Really

I'm back! Did y'all miss me? ;) Between pre-moving's madness and life in general, I gave myself a much-needed week off from my blog. But here we are again for Grateful Heart Monday!

Last, last weekend, as I mentioned we would be doing, we did fit a massive apartment-hunting spree into 2 days. Let me just say, if you or anyone you know needs advice on any apartment in the vicinity of Raleigh, send them my way! I seriously had to have looked up at least 50 apartments on my phone just while Daniel drove us around, in addition to the gobs that I went through online ahead of time. Even though I'd exhausted the internet resources on the topic, one landlord gave us a thick booklet of apartments in surrounding areas, so I proceeded to go page by page, find each one that listed either a good price or no price, Google map it to see if it was close enough to Daniel's job, then if it was, try to find prices on their website, and if the prices were good, call them for any availabilities. All as fast as my fingers could fly, let me tell you, and while my battery got lower and lower. It was in.san.ity. I knew we only had so much time, and it all really depended on me getting to the bottom of every possibility as fast as possible.

We probably drove by and/or visited 15 maybe? I don't remember at all. But the reason for the rush was that, first of all, Daniel was still at his old job in WV all week, so we only had weekends to get things done, and the new start date was coming fast. So we had two options: find an apartment that happened to be available immediately so we could both move in, or find one available in the semi-near future and he would stay with some distant relatives in the area until we could move into the apartment, and I would stay back home with my parents in the meantime. The latter, while the option lending to less panicked packing and moving, was obviously not the preference, but the one that we ended up with.

We did finally find ourselves an apartment, but it's not available to move in until mid August. So, I'm here, and Daniel is there for 2 1/2 weeks. I never dreamed this long-distance thing would ever happen again--we were long-distance for a large part of our time dating, and it killed us to be apart--even once he lived 25 minutes from me and we saw each other every day. We got rid of that problem when we got married! I'm really just trying not to think about it, or else I would be absolutely miserable. Plus, I ushered in this momentous weekend of him leaving with a cold that gave me the most painful sore throat I have ever had--his last day here I literally couldn't talk. Not ideal.

But my whining is over--ever since my sister's husband was deployed a couple years ago, I definitely have a new perspective on missing your spouse. Two weeks? I'll be fine. ;)

So this Monday, though it feels way too much like we're back in 2011, I am grateful:

~ I am getting better, and have a voice now.
~ I ate at Chickfilla (for the first time in about 9 months) while we were apartment hunting--without any stomach pain after. Can you say exciting? I just discovered their grilled nuggets and cole slaw are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and everything! Who knew??
~ Moving near a big city will mean more allergen-free food options, both grocery stores and restaurants. And that, my friend, changes everything!
~ Daniel starts his new--potentially incredible--job today!! I felt awful for him every day he went to his last job, and he has deserved this new one for so, so long. He's excited, and I'm excited. :D
~ We did find an apartment--and secured it before someone else got it first! Those things go fast!
~ And we're moving! To North Carolina! Finally!

Grateful Heart linkup w/ Ember Grey

So how was your weekend? Have you had to be long-distance from your spouse for a few weeks at a time? Any advice, suggestions, warnings about anything in the vicinity of Raleigh?
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  1. So busy and exciting all at the same time! We're in the process of a "rushed" move too. Ugh I hate it lol! Happy Monday!

  2. So glad you were able to take a much-needed break! Welcome back!! :) I am sooo excited for you guys! I'm hoping those 2 1/2 weeks of being a part go by super fast. X and I always had lots of Skype/Face-time dates... and then sometimes we wouldn't talk as much on the phone and only write to each other. It was actually a super romantic time... writing all of our thoughts to each other - it really makes you think about how you feel, etc.

  3. Welcome back from your bloggy break!! And congrats on your hubby's new job and your new apartment. I know these few weeks will go by fast--they always do even though it rarely feels like it at the time though. Here's to everything coming together.....and of course to Chickfilla!!!!


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