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July 18, 2014

My Friday Five: Sweet, Crazy Summertime

Hey guys! I have absolutely no idea how it's already Friday again--really I've been behind all week. I think it's actually Wednesday, but I'll go along with the calendar anyway.

1~ Another weekend, another trip to NC, this time to attempt to find an apartment asap. Think it's possible to accomplish that in just two days? We'll find out! Prayers much appreciated. :)

2~ And another trip means I made more Breadless French Toast Sticks just like I did for last weekend's trip. Did you see that post on Wednesday? You have got to try them. Healthy + delicious is always a win.


3~ I am finally feeling better than I was this time last week (not to be read as "all better"), as I referred to in Monday's post, but I have a feeling that all the cooking I did for this trip (yes, yes, I had to make more of these cookies too), though much less than what I did for last week's, will have me limping around tomorrow. Seriously. Sigh.

4~ I may not be feeling awesome, but can I just say how much I love summer? Like seriously, it is amazing. A.mazing. And I vote that it's at its most beautiful right here in the heart of West Virginia. I may be leaving it behind soon, but a big part of my heart will always be right here.

5~ And finally, I wanted to let you guys know that my huge 30% off sale is still going on at Katya Valera! Just use coupon code Summertime30 at checkout. Here's a few juicy pieces--many, many more are to be found in my shop! I'd love for you to take a look! :)


Have a great weekend, y'all! =)

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  1. you had me at breadless french toast - yum!

  2. Those French Toast sticks look so yummy! Thanks for that recipe!

  3. Oh my gosh, those breadless french toast sticks look so delicious! I might have to make those for breakfast tomorrow. YUM!

  4. OMG - those french toast sticks look divine! I'm a sucker for anything with cinnamon, so this is a must try for me! Thanks for sharing and happy weekending!

  5. ohhh I am so happy you re-posted the recipe for the french toast! I'm playing catch up and missed that one, and you KNOW I was dying to get that! Can't wait to try it!!!!! :)

  6. French toast sticks are an absolutely wonderful idea... French toast itself is one of my favorites.

    Country Girl's Daybook

    1. Oh yes, I love french toast but haven't been able to have it forever. So these are priceless! =)


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