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March 11, 2014

A Silver Lining

It seems like ever since about the fall of 2011, I really can't catch a break. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, have been sick, been to the ER how many times, had tests done, and met with one new health problem after the other ever since.

The past month alone, I've discovered what seems to be a new allergy, been sick twice, and gotten six moles removed all over my body in the most inconvenient places (TMI?)--all of which have to be doctored and taken care of for two weeks. At that point I'm to go back to get the stitches removed and find out the results of the biopsies. All this while juggling the many changes and treatments that come of my bi-weekly doctor appointments and the attempt to heal--or anymore at least help--this sick body of mine.

And that's just me and my health (or lack thereof)--that's not to mention all the job and financial problems going on right now, or the serious health problems of so many of my family members.

I don't know why God seems to allow so much of the same kind of problem to happen to people--some people seem to have accident after accident, while some people, like me, never seem to reach the end of new health obstacles.

I wish life could be easy for once. Just to get up and live each day without a thought about how sick I feel, or what medicines I have to take when, or what bills won't get paid.

But I guess I didn't put myself here on this earth, and the One Who did probably has some pretty good reasons for all this, huh?

If nothing else...

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