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March 7, 2014

Emerald, Almost Lipstick, and Meeting Chantilly

Loving right now:

1) This ring from Lunch Lady Vintage on Etsy (which appeared in this week's Wear-It Wednesday).

I'm not even into green but fell in love with this vintage ring, and my husband got it for me for our anniversary!

2) This "lipstick."

I am a fan of how lipstick looks but so not a fan of how it feels. My best friend recently introduced me to this after discovering that it looked good on both her and her roommate, who have totally different skin tones. So I tried it--and we couldn't believe it looks great on me too. How one shade works so wonderfully on three different skin tones is beyond me, but I'll take it! I love how this find just fell into my lap when I was wanting to find some lipstick--saved me a whole lot of trouble!

They call it "Almost Lipstick," which explains its pleasant feeling--not at all the nasty, heavy feeling that lipstick tends to give. And as dark as it looks in these pictures, it seems to really just enhance the color of your lips. (I'm wearing it in all of my recent Wear-It Wednesday posts.)

3) This lovely artist and her blog:

I found her on Bloglovin' (which I'm on, if you haven't found me there already!), and first of all, how perfect is her blog? But I got really excited when I discovered she's a singer/songwriter. I'm sorry I can't find a video of my favorite song of hers to share with you (here's her Youtube channel) but I love, love, love "Escape" and have no idea how it's not a huge hit right now--it sure is with me!

My next favorites are "What You Do To Me" and "Just the Way You Are." But I can't really stop playing "Escape" long enough to listen to those--as soon as it starts I can't help smiling. ;) Her newest EP is available, so do head over to her blog and have a listen for yourself and support this awesome artist!


  1. I love Clinique but I've never tried their lip products! This is now on my must have list. I love the color that you have and am glad to hear your good review! Thanks for sharing Kacie!

  2. I'm so glad to hear I helped! I hope you love it too!


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