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March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites: Instagram Edition

For this week's Friday Favorites, I wanted to share the best of March, according to my Instagram. :) I am absolutely loving Instagram--it is definitely my favorite social media right now. Aaand I may have just hit 100 posts over there yesterday. :D

Being able to search by hashtag to find pictures like mine and people like me holds so much potential. Following celebrities for real (from Drew Barrymore herself to dear Sharleen and Renee from this year's The Bachelor) and seeing the pictures from their life that they choose to share with the world is just fascinating (and makes them feel so "normal" ;). Not to mention keeping up with new-found friends (particularly blogger friends) and getting to know them better while letting them get to know me too. All through pictures, which is just so powerful! I'm even able to do my first Cara Box because of Instagram!

Strange as it may sound, Instagram was honestly the main reason I wanted an iPhone for so long (which I just got for my birthday in January), and it has not disappointed. :)

So here are my March favorites from my Instagram. (Side note: spell check really wants Instagram to be Instamatic. Wow.) Please feel free to follow me here! ;)

Wearing purple and gold, my Katya Valera colors // Windows open at sunset // Daytime moon // Ice on the car window

Gluten-free Mini Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies (recipe here) // Jewel tone nails! // The prize for my awesome spring giveaway // Soo much jewelry that needs to find their homes!
Sunset window // Rainy day in the country // Coconut Banana "Oatmeal" (recipe here) // Clouds and happy rays on the long drive home from the chiropractor

Are you as thrilled with Instagram as I am? Who's your favorite celebrity to follow? Am I the only one following half of the ladies (okay, not quite) from this year's terrible failure of The Bachelor? ;)


  1. I love love Instagram, it's my fave!! I should probably be following more of those girls haha. Have a great weekend girl :)

    1. Well, I shall warn you that Nikki's posts can be kinda depressing if ya know what I mean... ;) You too honey!


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