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June 16, 2014

New Look + Grateful Heart Monday

So, do you guys notice the difference? (Surely... ;) I gave my blog a brand new look! (I warned you it was inevitable.) And let me tell ya--designing one's own blog is soo much harder than designing for someone else. Who's pickier than one's own self?? Sigh. But I did it! And I like it. And the best part is that now there's room for my pictures to be ha-uge! ;D I think the lady at KV Designs did a mighty fine job. :)

Grateful Heart Monday

Meanwhile, today is Grateful Heart Monday. And this week:

~ I'm grateful that I got this blog redesign done! And I'm glad I just did it (not to imply it was a quick little job or anything) instead of waiting longer!

~ I'm grateful I finished a friend's blog design this past week, and I think she likes it. ;)

~ I'm grateful that a new supplement is in my future that should be much more effective than a current one.

~ I'm grateful that I seem to be able to handle lowering a dose of a current supplement that was to protect me from an extra strong one. Boo-ya! :P

~ I'm grateful that I have finally, finally begun the journey of cutting chemicals out of my life. One shampoo, one shave gel at a time. You can bet there will be future posts on this topic.

~ I'm grateful that I can finally eat chocolate chip cookies. Had them for the first time in about 8 months a couple weeks ago. And I think we've already made them 3 times. Rest assured, there will be a post for that too. They're amazing--and not bad for you. :O (And no, they don't have bananans and coconut in them like everything else I make. Just a little coconut. :P)

So what are you grateful for this week? 
Please keep me in mind for your next blog redesign, 
or pass me along to your in-need friends! :)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your new design. Your designer must be pretty amazing! ;) So happy that you are soon going to be on different supplements. As for the chocolate chip cookies.....yum!!!

  2. Healthy cookies? You have my attention. I don't know what your design was before (first time visitor) but I like this one!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I'm so glad you like it! :)

  4. !!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! And I love all of the colors - it looks so fabulous. Are you going to share this chocolate chip cookie recipe?!


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