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June 5, 2014

5 Artists You Need to Know About

You may have gathered before that I'm a pretty big music fan. Yet I've never really felt like the songs and artists I like are too out of the ordinary--I like Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, One Direction, etc. A little bit of everything really. I just kind of assume most people like what I like too. But when I posted 10 Songs I'll Listen to the Rest of My Life a while back and read others who linked up with the theme, I realized that that is soo not the case. Out of the many posts I read on that topic, I don't think I ever saw the same song in any two lists, and more than one person commented that they've never heard a lot of the ones I listed. Weird! ;)

Then I have favorite artists that, based on things like their number of Facebook fans and the fact that you don't hear them on the radio, I know aren't very widely known. So if a lot of you haven't heard of those songs I just knew everyone's heard, pretty stinkin' good chance you won't recognize these names. But these people are so good, I have no clue why they're not more popular by now and want to proclaim them from the housetops of my little corner of blogland.

Javier Colon || Anyone remember way back to season 1 of The Voice? As soon as this guy started singing in his blind audition, I was like, Turn around, turn around! And when he finally won and came out with his CD, we went and bought it--in a store--right away. I loved it, and him, and just could not get over his voice. Shortly thereafter, his label dropped him and he pretty well disappeared from our view. I was pretty mad when I found out, and I can't believe he has not taken off in popularity. Danielle Bradbery is awesome, but I really think he is just as awesome and I don't know why he's not having as much success as she is (which she totally deserves too). I wore out his CD those ensuing weeks after buying it, and if I had to pick a favorite of his, it's this one. The whole CD is just feel-good music and makes great driving music (with one sad one that will make your mouth fall open when you hear what happens in it).

Merry Ellen Kirk || I discovered this young lady late one night on YouTube. And then I found all her songs, heard "Blinding Me," and was so hooked. Oh. my. gosh. I. Love. This. Song. My next favorite is "Candy." It is gorgeous.

One perk about "smaller" artists is that when you post or comment on their Facebook page, they often reply! Themselves! Thrilled me to death when Merry Ellen responded to me. Wow.    

Shelly E. Johnson || I included her in the 10 songs post mentioned above, but this woman has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. Grooveshark doesn't even have her on there, so here's the video I shared of her when I mentioned her before. (I was so there for this performance too. :D)

Her song "Mosaic of Grace" is also really good.      

Kate York || I also mentioned this amazing singer/songwriter semi-recently when I rambled on about Nashville and American Idol a few weeks ago. Her song "Go" is one of my favorite songs ever, and she also sang "Believing" with Charles Esten for the Nashville concert recently, which I was thrilled to discover. This girl is so underappreciated that "Go" isn't to be found on YouTube or Grooveshark, so please look it up on iTunes. Here she is in the "Believing" duet.


Hopefully they're taking good care of her at Nashville, considering she's written several songs for them, and we'll be hearing much more from her. (Aaand I just found her on Instagram, so somebody's excited now...)    

Rosi Golan || Interestingly, this lovely lady is friends with Kate York, and they've even worked together, like in this gorgeous song "Can't Go Back." I believe I found Rosi Golan through Pandora ages ago (you know, like summer 2010 :P), and if I had to pick a favorite of hers, it would be "Been a Long Day," a good song to leave on repeat. But "I Don't Wanna Wait," "Come Around," "Underneath a Beating Heart," and "Paper Tiger" are all awesome too. (Grooveshark likes her. :P)

And as my wish this week, linking up with my friend Anne for Wednesday Wishes, I wish these artists were much more well-known. So do give some of these songs a listen, and if you find some you love, please spread the love! These artists may not be in the mainstream, but I think they sure deserve to be. :)

Love the Here and Now

Who are some artists you love that aren't quite as well known? 
Had you heard of any of these before?
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  1. Love finding new artists...thanks for sharing them and thanks for linking up!!

  2. I LOVE getting recos for new music!! Especially feel-good stuff :) I hadn't heard of any of these (although I'm a total Nashville fan, all American shows are on a several-months-delay over here so we're still in the middle of Season 2, don't think we've met Kate York yet) so thanks for sharing! I'm listening to "Blinding" for a 2nd time right now...it's beautiful!

    1. Oh yay! I'm so excited to hear that you love her song! And I had no idea Kate York was so involved with Nashville--I found an interview with her and that she actually co-wrote songs like "I Will Fall." I had no idea she co-wrote so many for them! And she's even sung backup a couple of times on the show, which I never noticed. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by, Rebecca! :)

  3. Love this post, Kacie!! I love finding new artists so this was perfect. The only one I'm familiar with on your list is Kate York. Looking forward to checking out the others!


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