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June 30, 2014

The Songs That Make Me Smile

Does anybody else go through phases of current favorite songs? Where you get excited to hear certain ones on the radio or, in my case, Pandora? Even if the songs are old news?

I spend hours upon hours listening to Pandora. While I make jewelry, while I work on my blog, while I cook, while I get ready to go to the doctor (where else do I ever get ready to go to?). And it's so funny how I rotate through certain songs that make me happy to hear as soon as they come on. Whether they're new or not.

Lately I've been frequenting Miranda Lambert Radio and Nashville Cast Radio. It's weird cause I really don't think of myself as some huge country music fan, no more than I like pop, but that's what I've been listening to like crazy anymore. (This comes after a few months of almost exclusively Christina Aguilera Radio and Demi Lovato Radio.)

Sometimes I'm surprised by what songs stand out to me for whatever reason, but they do nevertheless. So here's some of my current ones:

Who knows what songs will replace them in the coming weeks--more always do. I can mark seasons by what songs I was listening to at the time. But for now, you can bet I'll be happy when Pandora stumbles upon these for me. :) So today, linking up with Grateful Heart Monday, simple as it is, I'm grateful for music. The irreplaceable background to my every day.

Ember Grey


Something else that makes me smile? 
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  1. So true.....I once told a friend that the music I listen to is the soundtrack of my life. It is funny...I go in spurts...Pop, folk, Indie, depends on the mood; depends on the day!

  2. I love "I Will Fall"! Such a beautiful song. And yes, I totally go through phases of favorite songs for a few weeks, then I move onto a new selection, and so on. There's too much amazing music to always listen to the same ones! :) Happy Monday

    1. Yep, that's how it goes--some that I love, love, love and wear out for weeks and then new favorites, always changing! Happy Monday to you! =)

  3. Hey lady, I just commented but I'm not sure it went through?! Anyway- just wanted to let you know how much I love your playlist! (I've been getting into country music lately, too!)


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