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June 27, 2014

My Friday Five: Jewelry, Insta, and Music ... of Course

It's finally Friday! Pretty sure I already felt like the past two days were Friday, so I'm glad it's here for real. And since it is, you know what that means...

1~ First of all, you may or may not be wondering about the exciting announcement that never came this week. Yeah, I hate it when that happens. I'm so sorry for the confusion--there was a miscommunication, so that'll be coming next week! But in the meantime, to make up for it a little, I can go ahead and pass along that the end of the month means this weekend is time for Short & Sweet--my special 2-day sale in my Etsy shop. Come back tomorrow for what the special will be and so you can beat everybody else to it!

2~ I've mentioned on here before how much I love Instagram. [You can follow me here! ;)] One of my favorite things about it is the fact that you can follow celebrities--like clearly themselves, unlike with Facebook where you're never really sure. Or maybe it's not really them on Instagram either and I really am just that gullible. But for the sake of my enjoyment we're gonna keep assuming the former, and I'm gonna keep being delighted with getting to look over the shoulder of some of my favorite celebrities. Five of my favorites are Drew Barrymore (not a big surprise after Wednesday's post I'm sure--which if you missed it, totally take a look; this post means so much to me), Danielle Bradbery, Clare Bowen (from Nashville), Sharleen Joynt (you know, from The Bachelorette ;), and Alex & Sierra.

3~ And speaking of Alex & Sierra, I couldn't wait for them to release something back when they won X Factor, and they have finally, finally come out with their first single. I don't know when their album will finally appear, but I'd say this song is pretty strong indication that it could be freaking awesome. As it should be. Here's their official lyric video (the video of them should be a-mazing.)

4~ Speaking of new releases, my dear friend Ruth Gado Coleman just released her first EP, Sweet Grace. I met Ruth back in 2010 at the GMA conference IMMERSE in Nashville, and we've formed a special friendship over the years since, as we mutually discovered the other's health problems. Ruth has dealt with far more health issues than you'd think anyone should have to go through, but the songs on her EP are the result of her valley journey. Be sure to check it out--my favorite is "The Blood Covers All."

5~ And while we're on the topic of music, did any of you watch Rising Star this past Sunday? I was so excited about it, of course because of the potential brilliance of the whole idea, but also because Brad Paisley and Josh Groban were gonna be on it. But I agree with the comments I saw from viewers all over Facebook: way too slow, too much talking, not enough singing, and ... Josh Groban is not ideal in this case. I don't know why they didn't make him a judge and someone else the host--the set up gives the implication that he's just a host and not really qualified to be a judge, or at least that was the feeling I got. It's already been claimed on Facebook that this coming episode will move faster and have more singing and less talking, and last week's slowness was to help us get the hang of it, but you have to wonder if they're really thinking, Oh crap, they hate it guys--we better fix this! :P Who knows. Hopefully this next episode will be much better ... and Josh Groban will have warmed up to the job a bit....

So, do you have a favorite celebrity Instagrammer to follow? Are you an Alex & Sierra fan? What did you think of Rising Star?  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for my big ol' two-day sale! :)

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  1. I didn't get to see Rising Star last week but I'm looking forward to it this week. I hope it's faster this next week though! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I love instagram for celebrity stalking too! ;) I love Kaley Cuoco. Lots of animal pictures and I think she and her hubby are so cute together. Hope you're having a great weekend!!


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