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August 25, 2014

All the Fun You've Missed...

Well, as predicted, Life, KV Style had to take a break while we waited to get internet in our apartment. But it's here and I'm back now!

It's kind of hard to believe we've already been here a whole week--3 weeks of long-distance are over, and we are finally together in our new apartment, which I hadn't seen until the official move a week ago. And it's also hard to believe that I didn't straight up collapse from all I did the past 2 1/2 weeks. My last 3 weeks at home in WV while Daniel was already in NC, I was sick like mad for a week, then recovered for a week, then spent the last week packing everything that didn't move, breathe, or salute. [Major points for anyone who can name where that phrase is from.] I still don't know how on earth I had 98% of everything packed up by the time Daniel arrived on Friday, the night before the move. One room at a time.

Our last few days in WV...

We drove down Saturday evening after a delightful, often hilarious, happy-sad evening with my parents and my sister and baby niece who were in visiting, and I drove the car behind Daniel in the Uhaul for the 4 hour trip. I hadn't driven that far in years, and by the time we got to our apartment, every single muscle felt shredded. Then I spent the next week, this last week, attempting to get this place halfway livable. Took me 4 days to do all the dishes and other such kitchen stuff (because it was all in storage for a year, so I had to clean all the things), and we found more I missed this weekend. Soo needless to say, we are by no means all done unpacking, but at least the kitchen and bathroom are pretty much all done, and we can get to the chairs in the family room, and the bed. And I found all my jewelry.Which is good since I of course sold a couple things in the midst of this tornado of an apartment. ;)

As if our first week here wasn't already exciting enough, I got to pay a visit to our town's version of MedExpress on Wednesday for what they decided to term "headache without known cause" or something comforting like that. Short story, I've started having what I can only call daily migraines for lack of knowing what else to call them, and then I had the weirdest eye pain hit me for three days that spread into the sinuses below that eye. I just knew I had a sinus infection but found out I don't. There's "nothing" wrong. The eye pain has since gone away, but the migraines continue. Which really is helping the whole unpacking and settling in thing. Hopefully the new doctor I'll be going to in this area, who my doctor of the past 9 months is handing me off to, will be able to figure something out. There is always something new going wrong with this body.

So, now that I've been here a week, I do have one conclusion of the area: this place feels like da beach! All that's missing is the ocean... Seriously, between the temperatures and humidity and the random scent of chlorine, particularly when running water of course, I kind of feel like we're just in a little vacation home for a bit! I'm wondering when it'll really hit me that's not the case.

Though as I mentioned before, our apartment is very small, we have a massive window (can you say jewelry pictures?) that I just can't get over.

And also a balcony whose size (that this picture captures in no way) kinda blows my mind.  And adds to the unignorable reminiscence of the beach. This was my view when I first peeked out at it our first morning here.

Happy little visitor.
And its quite pleasant view:

When we first drove by these apartments a few weeks ago, I right away noticed the tons of farm equipment and such right by it. Definitely made me want to live here, so I get to see several happy sights like this now:

I got to use our oven for the first time to make this! {Which is coming to the blog on Wednesday!} And of course I also made these. ;)

And the week ended with yet another trip to Chickfilla, which occasion this little 'do I'm rather proud of is from. ;) And that was of course followed by more attempts at unpacking and setting things up with Daniel.

Now that you're all caught up on the past week, there is much to be grateful for on Grateful Heart Monday:
~ The home and family I left back home. Always, always grateful for that. And a text away.
~ The long distance Daniel and I never thought we'd have again is over!
~ Our two-year-long wait to move has finally happened.
~ So far we love this area.
~ So far we don't have neighbors that fill our apartment with the lovely scent of smoke every waking hour.
~ So far we don't have a resident woodpecker attacking the life out of the wall behind my head while I sleep. Hopefully it doesn't realize we don't live in WV anymore and come find us.
~ The apartment is quite nice, despite its size and odd layout.
~ See window, balcony, and beach weather above.
~ Fall was on its way back in WV, but summer's still in full swing here, y'all. And I have the shorts and flipflops to prove it.
~ I didn't have to take medicine to get rid of a sinus infection I somehow don't have.
~ The girl who took my blood actually did a mighty fine job.
~ My eye got better "on its own."
~ We discovered that rabbit ears get all the channels we need but TLC. And you can't have it all. So I am happy.
~ Daniel found a place to get Chinese food last night, which though I can't eat it, my understanding of his love for it and of course my love for him made my heart almost as happy as it made his stomach. ;)
~ And Rising Star is over. (ha! sorry... anyone else follow that show? I did, though rather reluctantly, if that makes any sense. Maybe if they come back for another season, they'll improve it ... a lot.)

Grateful Heart Monday w/ Ember Grey

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  1. so much awesomeness!!!! :) I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to hear/see more of your new surroundings and home. Okay- you have to tell me, what is that quote from?!


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