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August 8, 2014

My Friday Five: Blog Design, The Civil Wars, and One More Week Down

Daniel's coming today, Daniel's coming today! :D Then just one week to go until moving day--insanity. I have a lot to do. ;)

But meanwhile, let's cover a few things since it's Friday and all, shall we? ;)

1~ Did you hear my big news yesterday?? Don't know if you guys found it half as exciting as I did, but boy am I excited! As a new outlet for my blog design business, I'm now offering all kinds of premade Blogger designs and all kinds of add ons, like grab buttons (prefect for link parties!), in addition to two custom design packages, in my brand new Etsy shop, KV Designs! I would love for you to check it out!


I gotta say, I think my favorite premade design so far is Vibrant Whispers, or maybe Long Weekend. But I think the one I'm working on right now and plan to list very soon is my favorite so far. Kinda like with my jewelry--every new piece becomes my favorite. ;)

2~ I know uses for coconut oil are over the place anymore--but I've found an awesome use for it I just had to share for Wellness Wednesday this week. Did you see?

3~ Did anybody watch Who Do You Think You Are this week? Am I the only one who found this week's episode rather boring? I find it rather shocking that I felt that way about it, because even if I'm not crazy about the celebrity, I still find it fascinating. I don't think its boring-ness had anything to do with its focus on Canada--the pace just seemed totally different, and I think it was too much to deal with two people's reactions to everything, since it was the McAdams sisters this time, instead of just one person. Just me?

4~ You may have heard that The Civil Wars officially ended this week, after what, two years of being unnoffically over? I wasn't any huge fan of theirs but did have a couple favorite songs and even raved over "From This Valley" back in January when it won a Grammy. And it's clear they really had something amazing going, so it makes me so sad that it's over. Based on their comments, it sounds like we'll be hearing more music in the future from Joy Williams, and she seems torn to pieces over the end of the duo. We can really only speculate over what really happened, and nothing I come up with makes me feel any better about it, because it is clearly very painful and upsetting for her, at least. Even though the book is finally closed, it's still so sad, with so many questions!

5~ And I'm pleased to say I'm doing better than I was this time last week. Still not at my abnormal-normal that I was before I got so sick a week and a half ago, but I'll take it for now. I even got to visit with my very bestest friend all yesterday evening, which we've been trying to do for weeks now, and it finally worked out! Hopefully we can fit in one more visit before the big move.

So how was your all's week? Are you a fan of The Civil Wars? Any theories of what happened with them? And do you or any of your blog friends need a new design, or a button for a link party? I would love love love to work with you! ;)

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  1. wow, coconut oil's uses are just never ending, right?! that's awesome.

  2. Oh no! I didn't see the news of the civil wars! I am a fan of theirs, and I don't even want to speculate as to why--just horrible. Glad you are feeling a bit better and that you got to visit with your friend!!

  3. Wow! I might have to try shaving with coconut oil!


    1. You really should! It blows my mind how amazing it works, because it so looks like it wouldn't! Thanks so much for stopping by, Ash! =)

  4. I have loads of coconut oil at home, I never thought about shaving with it, will definitely try it out.

    1. You really should! Its so weird yet amazing at the same time! :)


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