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August 1, 2014

A Full Friday! aka an Unintended TV Roundup

In no time, this week will be another distant memory, but for now, this was the longest week ever! Daniel's coming back for the weekend tomorrow and I cannot. freaking. wait. In the meantime, allow me to ramble on for a bit.

1~ I'm starting this off with something I have been dying to share. Have you HEARD this girl?? I haven't been keeping up with America's Got Talent at all until last week, when I saw Emily West sing in Judgment Week. And my jaw hit the floor and I backed it up and made Daniel watch it. Now it's your turn:

How anyone can sing that amazingly, perfectly, I have no idea, but she was absolutely incredible. Like, go-ahead-and-give-her-the-million incredible. So, naturally I looked her up and listened to everything iTunes could offer, as like many singers on these shows, she's already released multiple songs and EPs.

Well in all my looking, I found "Blue Sky" in which Keith Urban sings backup. {What such connections say about her belonging on this show, I don't know, but I'm just here for the music.} I was just sure he'd come in for the second verse and am so disappointed he didn't. It's so beautful and they sound so good together it probably would've brought tears to my eyes if he had--that would have been way too perfect. Regardless, the song is perfect enough! I have left it on repeat and it has joined the ranks of Kate York's "Go" and Danielle Bradbery's "I Will Never Forget You." It's my current song obsession. How was it not a hit when it came out four years ago??

As if that's not enough, what did she sing this week LIVE on AGT? "Chandelier." No one should sing that song but Sia, in my opinion. But she sang the crap out of it and got a much-deserved standing ovation. Needless to say, I am sooo hoping she wins. And either way, I hope she makes it big because everyone needs to hear her. How anyone has so many layers to their voice while having such absolute control over it is beyond me. At times she sounds like Faith Hill, then Joy Williams, then Natalie Larue, then way back to Gogi Grant. (Does anyone know who those last three are??) Just amazing. She deserves her own post. Which this practically now is.

2~ So, Andi made her choice this week. Thank goodness she picked Josh. (Hey, called it back in like week 2! ;) As you may know, I did quit watching after the Eric exit incident (which was never mentioned during this final show), but I tuned in to see how it all wrapped up the last two weeks. And while I was temporarily quite thrilled for her and Josh, the night ended with me frustrated--again. :P

In a nut shell, is it just me, or did she never say "I'm sorry" to Nick? Okay fine, I'm sure they're required to keep at least two guys around even if they're only in love with one--for the sake of argument, let's give her that. But when it's all over, and the guy you rejected sincerely thought you were in love with him, and you sure acted like it, I think an apology would be fitting. But she just got snippy with him for getting a little too personal in that interview, which as I saw someone correctly point out, she could have already held and settled privately. Plus, I couldn't believe how little Nick finaly said when he had the chance--he'd had months to think over all this, and yet when the time came it's like he had no idea what to say.

Ahh, frustrating. I wish there would be just one season that ended without frustration--I started out with Desiree and to this day am not sold on her and Chris, we all know what happened with Juan Pablo, and now Andi who can't even be courteous to the guy she did who-knows-what with, assured over and over that everything was going to be okay the night before she sent him home, and totally gave the impression--to him at least--that she was in love with him. Since I'm relatively new to this whole thing, is this how every season ends??

3~ And on the topic of TV, I'm excited that Who Do You Think You Are is back on. Simply fascinating. {Spoiler:} I just knew last week when they found out the great-great-great grandmother was tried for murder that she had to have a reason. And she sure did--what an awful, incredible story. Maybe someday I'll share some of the stories I've found in my family tree...

4~ I'm pleased to announce that I seem to be improving from this cold thing that has knocked me flat all. week. long. (You know, more so than usual.) If this is the case, now I'll have about a week of improving from the aftermath of it, if that makes any sense.

5~ And now as we've been left with the close of another month and the start of a new one, I wanted to share your all's 5 favorite Instagrams of mine from the crazy month of July. :)

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So! Anybody else keeping up with America's Got Talent? Did you hear "Blue Sky" when it came out 4 years ago? Were you happy for Andi and Josh? Are you into genealogy at all?

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  1. Love that song Blue Sky - she has a great voice. Very strange though...that her label dropped her and she'd already done a song with Keith Urban... makes you wonder what happened! Thanks for sharing! :) Love hearing new music!


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