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August 29, 2014

My Friday Five: Starbucks Is Wrong and Emily West Is Brilliant

Friday, Friday! Maybe Chickfilla date today? ;D For now...

1~ Man, August was so slow but so fast. Weird. Isn't it still just now spring though? What is this fall talk I hear? Anyway, I don't care what Starbucks or the calendar says, it's certainly not fall outside my window.

2~ So, this unpacking and settling in thing. Yeah, it takes a while. I really don't know when it'll ever be done, but it's not looking like anytime soon. Daniel tells me that it took us forever to unpack our last apartment too, but I seem to have removed that from my memory. Considering my activity level is pretty much at the mercy of my body's whims, its current favorite being migraines in addition to the ever-popular no energy, looks like we'll be lucky to have the place settled into by Christmas. If only my body could match my brain's activity.

3~ Did you see this recipe I shared on Wednesday? So easy and so, so good. I may live on it now. With the "french toast" either as sticks, used to make this McGriddle, or like you'd usually eat french toast, with lots of strawberries on top. As always with a new food, how exactly did I make it without this for so long?


4~ Did you guys see Emily West again on America's Got Talent this week? Insanely amazing as always. And she made it through! (Thank. freaking. goodness.) I want her to win so bad. I know winning doesn't guarantee she'll make it as huge as she deserves, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. She is seriously my favorite singer right now--I just cannot get over her voice.


5~ So, the announcement was finally made this week that Chris the Farmer is the next Bachelor. How do we feel about that? Any guesses as to what in the world took them so long? Let's just hope (and I'd say there's a mighty good chance) that Chris is everything Juan Pablo was not.

Oh, and tomorrow's the last Saturday of the month--and that means it's time for my Short & Sweet special! Keep an eye out here tomorrow for the two-day Katya Valera deal!

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  1. Ohhh I liked him on that show! He seems way sweeter then that other jerk!

  2. Yeah I don't care what the calendar says ... the high is in the 90s & 80s for the next who knows how long.

  3. I totally agree about the not fall yet thing! I think the early arrival of the PSL is actually killing some of the annual momentum and hype not only Starbucks gets, but everyone gets for fall. It's still 95+ degrees in Charlotte, definitely not fall.


  4. I can understand about your Emily West obsession a little more after watching that video. :) Although I don't think I'll ever get your one with The Bachelor! ;)

  5. "How do we feel about that?" haha!! I haven't watched The Bachelor in a few seasons so I'm not sure who this Chris the Farmer guy is but I may just check it out to share my opinion with you :) And holy moly- Emily West!!!! Perfect song choice for her- amazing!!


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