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August 14, 2014

Free Favicon and New Designs!

Well guys, it's only been a week since I announced my new Etsy shop, and I have added so many more premade designs to it since then! Like I've said before, just like with my jewelry, every new piece becomes my favorite... So I have to share a few of the newest ones! Just click through to go to each one's listing--your favorite can be yours!




It's safe to say I am pretty well obsessed with blog design now. I had no idea there was some other creative endeavor out there for me besides writing and jewelry that I could not only love so much and find so exciting and relaxing, but that I could also make a business out of. (Okay, I can think of a couple more--it's like a disease with me!--but still, I didn't see this one coming. ;) 

Once I started my jewelry business a couple years ago, I started noticing everybody's jewelry and the details of how each piece was made--people I'd see out in public or on TV. So now? Every blog I visit I notice the details of their design, and then I have to scroll down to the bottom to see who their designer was if they clearly had one. And then there are always some that I think, Ah, you need me! ;) Are you one of those people? I'm at your service! :)

But one of the little things I keep noticing is such lovely blog designs that don't have a customized favicon. Don't know what that is? It's the tiny little square up next to your blog's name when it's being viewed:

I know it's such a little thing, but it makes me sad when a lovely blog has the automatic orange and white Blogger B as their favicon when it could be the perfect finishing touch! I'll be adding a custom favicon listing to my shop soon, but first, I wanted to offer a free one! Like I said, it's so small, but something I would love to help someone out with! So the first person to comment and claim it will get a custom favicon from me! I'll make it and then can install it for you or can talk you through it (it's very, very easy!).

So if you have your blog exactly how you want it but wish that little orange and white square could be something more personal, it's your lucky day! =)

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  1. Pick me pick me!! I would love a custom favicon!

  2. I love it, Kacie!! It's so fun to see all of your different designs. I'm excited for this new creative road for you! :)


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