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August 4, 2014

Grateful Heart and Good Intentions

Well, another weekend has come and gone and so has Daniel's whirlwind visit. I was amazingly able to make it to church with him for our last official Sunday there, and now we've got about two more weeks to go. For those who were keeping track. ;)

I shared on Wednesday how frequent it is that those of us with a chronic illness have to cancel plans and tell people no. And how guilty that makes us feel even though it's not our fault. We can tell the friends and family we've cancelled on how sorry we are, that we really hate doing this to them, and that we feel awful about it, but not everyone will really understand.

And it seems like a lot of those times that we have every intention of going to whatever the event may be--just for something to happen at the last minute to prevent us. In times like these when they know you may not be able to go when the time comes, but you have every intention to, and then something comes up to prevent you at the last minute, you feel an extra level of defeat. Good intentions don't mean much when you end up stuck in bed in spite of them.

So this Grateful Heart Monday, I am grateful that God sees our intentions--in this case, the intentions I have to come through for friends and family, only to be thwarted by a body I really can't control. Those I disappoint can't see the struggle that goes on within, a struggle much bigger than they realize, but thankfully God can and knows that we're doing the best we can.

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I've got some super exciting news to share later this week, you guys! I can't wait to announce it!!

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  1. 2 more weeks!!!!! You guys can do it!!!!! :) (Plus, who doesn't love a good countdown?!) I love your GHM today- "God sees our intentions" - that He does, and I, too, am thankful! And PS- I'm SOOO excited to hear your news!!! :) gah!

  2. Can't wait to hear your exciting news!!!!


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