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September 2, 2014

12 Random Facts About Me {Life Is a Photograph and Why I Almost Hate Fall}

I know back when I did my Sunshine Award post, I shared 11 random facts about me. But I just figured it was time to share some more. ;) So here are 12 more random things you never asked to know about me. Along with a bit of expounding on a few...

~1 || I don't have depth perception. That makes things interesting. I really don't know what life looks like to all you people who have it and can't imagine how much more ... depth ... everything must have. Life to me looks kinda like a photograph, and my eyes have just figured out their own ways to compensate over the years; I'm told I had much trouble with stairs when I was little. For this reason, it is now clear why I loved that little Viewmaster toy--that's what life looks like to you guys?? Amazing!!

~2 || I can say the alphabet backwards. Really fast. Like in less than 3 seconds. I've been timed more than once. At that speed it's rather unintelligible, but it's all in there. If only my tongue could keep up with my brain.

~3 || I have two shops on Etsy. One is Katya Valera, my jewelry shop, which I began in late fall 2011. {You can learn its story here.} The other is KV Designs, my blog design shop, which opened in July 2014. I hope to have two more someday, but we'll see.... ;)

~4 || I use my little Google search bar all the time. But I have this thing that once I use it, I can't leave whatever I typed up there. It's like, whatever I looked up was a task I had to do, a lot of times a task I kept forgetting. So once it's done, I need to erase what I've accomplished so I don't keep being reminded of something I don't need to be reminded to do anymore. Or something like that. Does that make any sense? It's a need-to-do-list overload thing. I don't know.

~5 || I am quite fond of using the words yummy and delicious to describe something other than food. Often the weather or a color.

~6 || I really hate schedules, having a schedule, being on a schedule. I have no idea how I made it through 4 years of college, where I literally had to live by a clock and often had things down to the minute. It's no wonder I am still haunted by it all in my dreams, now four years after graduating.

~7 || I have this very odd reflex that when someone drops something or knocks something over, I laugh. Not when I do it--it has to be someone else, whether I see it or just hear it. But it's the sound of something being dropped or knocked over that my brain apparently finds hilarious--it's like it's a cartoon sound effect in real life or something. However, if the person gets hurt or there's a good chance they got hurt, it doesn't make me laugh, nor does it if the object is broken or spilled. Tricky, that mind of mine.

~8 || It drives me crazy when I see someone use the word "sans" in place of "without." The word "without" exists in the English language for a reason, people. Use it. The only occasion "sans" is acceptable is if you are referring to a sans serif font or if you are speaking French.

~9 || I am not a big fan of air conditioning. At all. Now, keep in mind that I am used to West Virginia weather, where 90 is a big deal. So a lot of the time, opening the windows is sufficient. Plus, my body is super sensitive to cold--I get stiff and achy right away, even from just AC in the car.

~10 || I almost hate fall. I say almost because I do hate winter. As mentioned above, my body does not enjoy the cold. And I don't know about your area, but I grew up where fall meant a nasty 40-50 degrees, not this 75 degree stuff that I'm gathering is a NC fall. Cold enough to need to wear layers but warm enough that wearing layers makes you sweat = sweaty, cold misery and utter confusion for my body temperature. I don't like layers and sweaters and boots and scarves and "crisp nights" and bonfires and pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie and pumpkin everything. And to top off all the happiness, the light at the end of the tunnel of fall? Winter! Where it's freaking freezing, I am in pain all the time, it's dark at 5:30, and if it snows, you either can't go anywhere because we lived out in the country and no one bothered to do anything about our roads (that's okay, I'm not still bitter about no one being able to come to my 8th birthday, which is in January) or, if work is the event in question, you have to go anyway and risk your life in the process. And in WV, winter pretty much lasts through April. Yeah, so I kind of hate fall, the great, clammy harbinger to months of more misery. (It's probably no surprise that my level of dislike for those two seasons is matched by the level of my love for spring and summer--fall is the unpleasant descent into misery, and spring is its counterpart of relief.) Thanks, I needed to get that out!

~11 || I am a person of extremes. I pretty much either love or hate something. There really isn't much of an in between with me. But I bet you couldn't guess that, right?!

~12 || When I was little I had this thing for petting apricots when we would go to the grocery store. They're just so soft. I dare you to try it next time you see one...

So there you go--some info overload for ya. Are any of these possibly true of anyone else? 
Tell me something random about yourself! :)

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  1. Wow, Kacie! I love this post! :) I didn't know there were people out there who didn't have depth perception! That's so interesting. I actually always wonder about that kind of thing... like if a peach tastes the same to another person as it does to me... and if a sunset or rainbow looks the same to others as it does to me. My brother is color blind and I always wonder what the world truly looks like from his eyes.

    #5 haha! You are cute. #9 - I always prefer windows open or rolled down in the car, whereas Christian LOVES AC. We try to compromise ;)

  2. hahaha!!! Love this! I also hate air conditioning. It dries out my throat and nose so bad, hate it! I love Fall but it depresses me because I know Winter follows it, and I HATE Winter. I'm always cold so in winter it's insane. I have to dress like an eskimo. lol

  3. I love this post! I really don't like schedules either...I hate being on an actual schedule and I hate how this culture is so obsessed with schedules! Why not just live?!

    1. Good--glad it's not just me! Yes, schedules just are so terribly restrictive and unexciting. And I do my best to not be on one. ;)


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