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September 29, 2014

Milestone Week + All Your Favorites!

It's a big week for Life, KV Style! This right here is post #198. That means this week I'll be hitting 200 posts! I'll be back for Wellness Wednesday, and then we're having a celebration on Thursday for #200!

I'm not sure I'll ever really have blogiversary celebrations because my blog was technically started in March 2013, but I didn't earnestly start blogging until January of this year, which brought a name change and redesign too. So I really don't know what day to call my anniversary, and I hate to add 9 months to my blog history that really aren't worth mentioning! So my thing might just be post number milestones.

Anyone remember my 100th post back in April? I can't believe I've already had another 100 posts since just April, but I guess it does make sense if you do the math. But 200 is bigger and better, so such will be my celebration. (So be sure to come back Thursday, okay? :D)

For now, I wanted to share your all's top 7 (ish) favorite posts in these last hundred that have passed. And I have to say, my findings make me extra happy. Really, the ones that meant the most to me are also ones that got read most, and that thrills me to death.

#7 - tied


This is one of those posts I am rather proud of and was quite excited to share. So to see so many of you evidently like it too makes my heart happy. :)

And it tied with this post. Just a My Friday Five post you guys extra liked!




As simple as this post may seem, since it's really about an Adam Sandler movie, it was such a personal post for me to write--and to try to put into words why exactly this movie resonates with me so much. It's definitely one of my most favorite posts.



I have to say, I was rather surprised in addition to pleased when I rounded up my most-viewed posts since April's 100th to find this one. I felt like this post might ruffle some feathers because it could appear to be anti-fibromyalgia-sufferers when it's actually anti-lazy-doctors-who-can't-and-won't-do-their-job-to-truly-treat-people-like-me. (Spell check really doesn't like that last sentence.) I know the suffering of those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS is real--I just firmly believe their diagnosis is just all wrong. And it's our doctors' fault. So I'm glad so many of you took the time to read a post I want to proclaim from the rooftops!



I am so surprised that this recipe made #4! It is so simple, it almost felt silly giving it its own recipe post, but you all loved it and I'm so glad! I continue to use this recipe all the time.



It definitely means a lot to me that this post was so popular. That many people wanted to get up to date on the crap my body's been through?? <3



How many times can I say I was both surprised and thrilled? Another post I want to yell from the rooftops, and it takes #2. Losing weight should not be the end goal--getting healthy should be. And the former will inevitably follow the latter--healthily.



THANK YOU for making this the most read post--by a long shot! When I see people bemoaning not getting to eat desserts and ice cream and cookies and all kinds of yumminess when they consider going gluten-free or sugar-free or dairy-free or Paleo or just healthy period, it makes me feel all kinds of sad, frustrated, and helpless. Because that's nothing but a popular misconception and totally incorrect!

I currently don't eat gluten, dairy, corn, soy, refined sugar, or nightshades, and I have been sticking to that for about a year now. Yesterday (I slept through breakfast) I had a homemade McGriddle (made with pork bacon this time! More on that Wednesday :), later some grapes, then for dinner this amazing chicken salad. I also had ice cream covered in these chocolate chip cookies and melted chocolate for dessert. And I had pizza yesterday... Do I sound deprived? And I'm not overweight or starving myself. I'm eating far healthier than I ever have or even knew I could. If you need more proof that healthy deprived and that healthy = yummy, you've got to check out any recipe by Brittany Angell (preordering her upcoming book tomorrow!). She is amazing.


So! Today, I am so grateful to you guys for coming along with me for 100 more posts and for making these posts the most popular out of them all! I've got both a {fun} favor to ask and a big surprise for you on Thursday, so please come back for that! (Of course, like I said, I'll be back to talk about things like ice cream and bacon on Wednesday. ;) Thank you all for caring about little ol' me and my little blog and the things that mean so much to me! <3

Ember Grey

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  1. Fried + broccoli? I'm in! Going to check it out now!!


  2. Happy (soon to be) 200th post!! :) I'm glad you posted this "recap" of sorts... it gives me a chance to go back and read some of the ones I may have missed! (Don't you love the over all theme for your top posts?? People really want to better themselves and find encouragement along the way. And that's truly how it should be!)

  3. I'm the same way girl! I started blogging January 2013, but only really did it for a year, and then took a six month break and started back up in July of this year. So for January 2015 it technically is my 2 year, but technically isn't! YAY for your 200 post! So exciting that this Thursday will be a great milestone.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    1. Yes, it's so crazy this way! Thanks so much, Lauren! I hope you come back for the fun! =)

  4. Congrats on 200 posts!! And I'm delighted for you that the top posts are the ones you cared the most about - that says something! =)

    1. Yes, it's definitely encouraging! Thanks so much, Rebecca! :)


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