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September 11, 2014

Etsy Wishing II

So a while back I shared my first Etsy Wishlist with you guys and thought it was about time to share 7 more things that I wouldn't mind showing up at my door. Except this time, it's allll jewelry. Can't help myself!


I just love the style of this necklace from Moose & Nigel. It comes in so many colors, but I went with this one for versatility. Plus something about gold with white or clear just kills me...


I found a gorgeous necklace from Krista Peel a while back that I recently saw has sold, so I went looking again and found this beauty. Me needs. I may almost hate fall, but I do love fall colors. (I mean, have you seen me lately?)


I stumbled across these rings on Tumblr of all places and love, love, love half the rings in the shop, Daimblond, in France ... of all places. How incredible are they?


I don't know what it is about this bracelet from Eye Pop Art that made it stand out to me, but it is just so juicy. It's made out of a recycled record, and this style is available in all kinds of colors. There's a clear one also, so I'm a bit undecided but will go with my first find for now. ;)


And what is not to love about this necklace from Aqua Giraffe? Gold, iridescent, juicy. Wow.


I think I found this ring from Fitzberries through a random person's favorites list. Thanks, random person! Freaking gorgeous.


And no wishlist of mine would be complete without a piece from Flowerleaf. This necklace stood out to me ever since she listed it months ago, and it just keeps catching my eye. I'm not sure why, because that's not a shade of blue I would generally go for, but I think it's the gold that does it. (Shocker.) So I figured if I can't forget it, it must belong in my wishlist.


Sometimes wishes do come true though! I really thought I included this in my last Etsy Wishlist, but it's not there so evidently I got greedy and kept it to myself... Oops. I was holding out for a gift card at Christmas ever since she listed it months ago, but then Retro Revival announced a massive sale last week and I took advantage of it. I can't pass up 40% off! So yeah, this is mine now. ;)

Bet you can't guess why I loved it. Coming to a blog post soon, I'm sure! ;)

And speaking of Etsy, don't miss out on my huge sale going on now!

Love the Here and Now

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops that you've bought from before 
or can't wait to? I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. I love that first necklace and that floral ring the most out of all of them...but who am I kidding? I would take any one of those pieces! Beautiful!!

  2. Awesome jewelry!! I love the things in Krista Peel's gallery....some seriously cool one-of-a-kind things!!

    1. Yes, her items are so gorgeous and unique!! Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca! :)

  3. Wow- those rings from Daimblond are amazing!!!! I'm almost afraid to visit the site! ha!


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