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September 5, 2014

My Friday Five: Song Love, Blog Love, and Not-So-Free Free Fonts

It's Friday! Alllready. Guess that's what a long weekend does for ya.

Time for 5 random things I feel the need to share!

1~ At long last, Alex and Sierra's debut album is up for pre-order. I never pre-order albums. I think the last time I did that was like 2 years ago. But 4 of their songs are available already, and once I heard them I decided I had to go ahead and buy the whole thing... And I definitely have a favorite:

I can't wait to hear the rest of the album--I know I'll have some more favorites to share once the whole thing is out in October.

2~ Did you see my 5 favorite blogs that I shared on Monday? I definitely have a few more than 5 but I had to start somewhere! Be sure to check them out:


3~ I'm thrilled to death to say that I've been busy with blog designs lately (!!!) and cannot wait to share my latest custom design. But I've realized something lately about blogs and fonts and free fonts that I really wanted to talk about for a minute.

Alll over Pinterest are cute little charts of "free fonts." You follow the pin, come to a blog talking about how awesome and free the fonts are, then you follow the link to your favorite font and see in little letters: "Personal Use Only." It really bothers me that such charts and posts about free fonts are everywhere, and so many people are seeing these fonts proclaimed as free, thinking "free" means "free," downloading them--yes, for free--but then using them on their blogs or logos inadvertently illegally, or requesting them to be used in their blog designs. Yes, most of them you can get a commercial license for--for an arm and a leg--but I'm gathering it's not common knowledge that you even need a commercial license for a lot of them.

So I just wanted to put out there: Not all of the fonts in these little collections we see everywhere described as free actually are, at least not as free as you would think. Some are, but a large percentage aren't, so please just double check each font's rules before downloading, using them in anything, or getting your heart set on them for your blog or other public projects.

4~ I just have to pass along that one of my favorite Etsy shops, Retro Revival Boutique, is celebrating sale #900 with a 40% off sale! That's huge! Just use coupon code CELEBRATION. I maaay have to take advantage of it and get the necklace I've had my eye on since it was listed... But I'm not telling which one! ;)


5~ And finally, are there any foods you've recently started to wonder if you're allergic too? You may want to read this week's Wellness Wednesday post before giving it up for good:


Have a lovely weekend, you guys!


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