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September 12, 2014

My Friday Five: Twitter, "Free" Blogs, and the BIP Finale

I guess 2014 is just going to be the fastest year in the history of the world. Hello, mid-September. I'm just glad that the 80's and 90's are still the norm here at our new home.

1~ You may or may not have noticed that little bird icon over there to the left--but yes, I'm on Twitter now! Crazy world. I figured it was easier to join and actually follow people instead of checking up on Bachelor in Paradise people individually to see what they were saying, right? ;) If you have seen me over there, I clearly don't really know what I'm doing, but I'll get there! {Follow me!}


2~ Speaking of Bachelor in Paradise, anyone else watch the finale this week? It was of course both frustrating and happy, and not at all as dramatic as the previews implied. But that's the norm, right? I know editing can make all kinds of of things look like they're not, but was I the only one who found that the couples who parted ways did so way too easily? Like the only reason they gave and accepted roses was to stick around for more new people to come, and once there were no more new people, the party was over. (Shocker.) (And side note, I find it pretty ridiculous, and anticlimactic, that they were required to decide right then if they wanted to keep pursuing their relationships back in the real world. ... Isn't that what leaving the show and winding back up in the real world is for?? They were going to have to do that regardless! It would have been much more entertaining if they'd given them a choice between money and love, which I saw rumored. ;)

I have to say I was pretty disappointed in Sarah and Robert. They let their relationship go, after it was seemingly so wonderful, at the drop of a hat. They didn't fight for it at all. It reminded me of when Chandler and Monica on Friends have their first fight and Chandler's like, "So I guess this is over?" And Monica's like, "What? Welcome to an adult relationship!" And then they worked it out. Because that's what you do. Unlike Sarah and Robert. Again, editing could have left out parts, but it really looked like they both just gave up.

I do have to say I was not convinced about Michelle and Cody at first, but they're still together, and that's a big deal in Bachelor world! :P I just hope she is truly happy with him, and I meanwhile am quite happy for them--the most unlikely couple ever. And I was hoping Marcus and Lacy would get engaged when he pulled her away. I was quite thrilled for them, as fast as he bounced back from Andi (quite like Desiree from Brooks) and as ... let's say inarticulate ... as Lacy can be. ;)

3~ Another week of AGT with Emily West means I of course have to mention her. (See me gushing about her here and here.) I'm reluctant to say I was a bit underwhelmed with her performance this week. She is still amazing, it was just the song choice. I actually wish she had sung "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" like she did in the clip before the performance. A lot of people loved it, and thank goodness she made it through, but I had never heard the song and didn't find it as pleasant a song as her last one, which I also had never heard before. Totally just being picky, and I do think the sound was not quite what is should have been, so she was harder to hear. But she still rules all. ;) We're down to the final 6, and I really think she'll make the top 2, but as much as I want her to win, I'm thinking Mat Franco might win it all instead. Sigh. We shall see. Meanwhile, here's this week's performance, of course:

4~ Such a random thing, but I can't believe how often shoppers find one of my items at KV Designs by searching for "free blog template" or "free blogger template." (I can see what search terms are used to find my items.) It happens all the time. Do people really think there are free blog designs for sale on Etsy? You can't even list anything below .20 on there, but really? Free??

5~ And last call: I'm having my biggest sale yet at Katya Valera in celebration of our finally, finally moving! You can get 35% off by using coupon code MOVINGCELEBRATION at checkout. It ends tomorrow at midnight, so don't miss it!

Have a great weekend you guys, and happy shopping! :)

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  1. Yay for twitter!!!! :) I'm headed over to your shop today to buy myself something :) ha! I gave my bff her bday necklace from your shop yesterday and she LOVED it. So now I think it's time for me, right?! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. BIP! I swear you literally said several things that my footballwifebestie and I were discussing all through out the show. I was so disappointed in the "twist." I mean...duh you have to decide if it's for real. THAT'S WHAT REAL LIFE IS! But I guess for the sake of the "game" they had one day to make the decision. I'm really disappointed in the sarah and robert thing too. I think they had an actual good thing (and hello! Robert is a hottie!) but then again if they could let it go like that, maybe they weren't right. I love how we're discussing this like we know these people but whatever!! High five fellow tv junkie!!


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