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February 19, 2014

All About Vintage!

I just love giving new life to vintage pieces!  I always have pieces sitting around waiting to be used, vintage ones being among them, and lately I've finally gotten the chance to use them.

This piece's pendant is accented with a vintage orange bead. Available here.

Sometimes a vintage component is just incorporated and isn't the focus of the piece.

The bright red-orange cluster beads are from a vintage necklace. Available here.

A lot of times a piece uses vintage beads that I have acquired as they are.

I love these beads and knew right away they were destined for a dainty bib necklace. Available here.

These beads are so unique and differ from each other just slightly. Available here.

And sometimes--my favorite scenario--I upcycle a vintage piece myself!

In this case, the focal point is a dainty, ornate bead from a vintage necklace. Available here.

I absolutely love this necklace, which features as its pendant an earring from the 70's. I think it was meant to be a pendant. ;) Available here.

This necklace owes its existence to two different vintage necklaces. Now that took a while to make... Available here.

Another earring from the 70's just makes this oh-so-bohemian necklace. Available here.

There are so many pieces where new meets vintage in my shop. And there will be more to come! Do you have a favorite of these?


  1. These are all so beautiful Kacie. I love the colorful pendant. Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much, Melissa! So glad you stopped by. And thanks also for following me on Bloglovin--made my day! Happy weekend! :)


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