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February 7, 2014

New and Vintage Happiness


Today's a great day because it's my husband's birthday! And the Olympics opening ceremonies! (Though don't even get me started on the apparent conditions of the accommodations for visitors to Sochi... Anyway...)

And it's time for some favorites!

1) Back before Christmas, I had a specific style of boots I really wanted: flat, cognac color, almost to my knee, and tight around my leg. Simple, right? It's not. We looked everywhere--in person and online--and finally, finally found these.

They did take about 12 years to get here, but at long last, my dream boots are a reality. And they did have a very strong smell of fake leather when they arrived, to the point they needed aired out for several days (and still have the odor in a lesser form). And sure, I did want them a bit less scrunchy around my legs. But I'll totally take it, and the awesomeness outweighs the shortcomings enough for them to make my list! I love them.

2) I was lucky enough to see Alex & Sierra's first audition on the X Factor when it aired and fell in love with the couple (along with evidently a large part of America) right away. (If you missed it, do watch it--it's impossible to not love them!) I followed their journey the whole season and rooted for them all the way. I know "Say Something" was their biggest hit on the show, for good reason, but this is my favorite of theirs. It is perfection.

And they won! I am still thrilled for them and cannot wait until their album comes out ... or a single ... just give me something!

3) About a year ago I realized how awesome vintage jewelry is. It's old, it's got a story, and it's gorgeous. What's not to love?? So the other day, I was browsing on Pinterest and happened to see this necklace, which was for sale on Etsy in this lovely shop. And it was just me.

So it's mine now thanks to birthday money. :) And I discovered you can twist it to give it a new look!

So did you enjoy the opening ceremonies? It's in Russia, which of course means lots of Russian, which sure makes me happy! ;)

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