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February 4, 2014

Such a Charming DIY!

Sometimes I have no idea how jewelry ideas come to me. The other night, while attempting to fall asleep, this one just started developing in my brain and I probably ended up getting out of bed and doing something about it, which is a recurring problem of mine. But that's a whole other story. ;)

It's so simple, I'm not sure why it's not just the thing to do. (Or maybe it is and no one's told me??) I know charm bracelets are, of course, common charm bracelets, but I mean this more specific version.

Either way, I was so excited about this and think it's a grand idea for making for yourself or a special gift! (Which I promptly did...)

A movie-themed charm bracelet! We've all probably got a movie or two, or a book, or a TV show that is particularly special to us for any number of reasons. Why not have a bracelet with charms that represent it?

My movie picked, all I had to do was find the fitting charms. That was the hard part. I was very sad to be unable to find a penguin, and waffle, and a baseball bat, as those are some of the most important parts of my movie choice (which, you're probably thinking, what in the world is that movie...? ;)

I did finally go with a lily, Hawaiian flower, video tape, boat, paintbrush, palm tree, and pineapple. I found three of the seven charms from a handy shop on Etsy fittingly called Mad About Charms. If you decide to make a bracelet yourself, there's a good chance she'll have half or more of the ones you're looking for. For any others she doesn't have for you, you can just do a simple search on Etsy for exactly what you want and should have a good bit of luck.

For the chain, I happened to have a short length of chunky gold chain waiting to be used. And almost all the charms came with their own jump rings to attach them to the chain with (for any that were lacking, I do just happen to have jump rings around ... I make jewelry ;). And then I added a clasp. Super easy. The hardest parts were just locating the charms and waiting for them to come in the mail! And decide what order to put them in. (If jump rings scare you, feel free to track me down to put one together for you. :)

I've never been a big charm-bracelet-wearer before so wasn't sure how I would feel about having all these things hanging off my wrist and clanging around--and I find it quite enjoyable. ;)

So any idea what my movie was? I don't condone the whole thing and do admit that it has parts that need edited out. But I found it by accident and was amazed at the depth of personal meaning in such a silly movie. There are some strong parallels, in my opinon, between my shortcomings because of my health problems and the shortcomings of Lucy in 50 First Dates, and I just find it very encouraging and meaningful (and I've heard of at least one other sufferer like me who agrees, so I'd bet there's a lot more of us!) Like I said, not the most wholesome movie, but a very touching, meaningful story.

And now I have a bracelet to remind me of it! Do you have a movie or book you'd like to make one for? It's so much fun, and the sky's the limit with this design!

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