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February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites: Valentine's Day Edition!

I think Valentine's Day calls for a special edition of the things I love, love, love--so here you go!

Three of my very favorite romantic movies:

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I don't think I could get tired of Ever After. I've seen it probably five or six times now, and oh my...

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I don't know that you'd call Anne of Green Gables a romance, but it's got romance in it, so it counts in my book! This and the sequel are two of the top movies ever, ever, ever in my opinion. (Though the third one shouldn't have even been made, at least not at all how it was, but don't get me started on that...)

Photo from Imdb

My husband introduced me to The Illusionist while we were dating, and (though it does need briefly edited) it is just brilliance. Amazing brilliance. At least I think so. :)

Three of my very favorite romantic songs:

Whether or not you're into the show Nashville, I'd say it's pretty hard to deny how lovely this song is. For me, I think it's just straight up gorgeous and dead-on accurate in the love department. ;)

I will always love this song... My husband and I danced to it the night we got engaged, right before we danced to the song we got engaged during (which he wrote and recorded himself--but that's another story ;). Love, love this song.

And I will also always love this song, as it's very special to us. We even danced to it at our wedding reception. "We are stronger here together than we could ever be alone" means so much to us that we actually included it on our wedding program.

And finally, while we're on the topic of me and my husband...

Three of my very favorite gifts from him... :)

This was my unofficial pre-engagement ring he got me about nine months before we got engaged. Yeah, we were engaged in all but the ring for a while... ;) It's a mystic topaz, and I pretty much couldn't handle its gorgeousness.

Red roses are lovely and all, but a couple years ago I discovered rainbow roses.... Oh. my. Why have one color when you can have all of them?? He got me my first one last year and I was thrilled that it lived a very long time. And I took a bazillion pictures of it.

I'd had my eye on this necklace for months and months. And when I saw it had sold, I was pretty crushed. It was in October, so surely he hadn't bought it for me for Christmas that far in advance, right? Nope, he did. I was floored and thrilled and totally cried. It's just so me, and the sneakiness he had to pull off to get it was just too much. It's one of a kind and from one of my favorite Etsy shops, which I actually featured a while back in my Christmas shopping guide for 2013.

So there you have it: if you need a movie to watch tonight, I totally recommend the three above ... and all of these songs/things/shop of course! I love a lot of stuff ... and I'm glad I had this excuse to ramble a bit! Happy Valentine's Day, you guys!

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