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April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites: Midi Rings, Matryoshkas, and Miranda

Welcome to Friday--and time for what I'm loving lately!

1) Midi rings.

Rings from Claire's

I am so not one to usually follow trends, and if you see me in something super popular, it's not out of attempt to keep up with what everyone else is doing but because I honestly love whatever it is. And I blame Mary for getting me started on these... Sigh. All gold ones at once is great with me.

Midi ring from Claire's // Leaf ring from Old Navy

But I also found this one (I have a couple actually) that matches a leaf ring I already had. Oooh, completes such a grecian look. :D

2) Miranda.

Miranda Lambert Favorites by Kacie on Grooveshark

Yeah, I know she's a hit. You know, bigger than midi rings right now. A couple years ago I really didn't see (or couldn't hear) what the big deal was. But she's recently grown on me, and now I've got my favorites on repeat.

3) My new (long, long searched for) makeup bag from BigSis LilSis Boutique on Etsy:

How cute!

I raved over the shop and this bag in particular back a few weeks ago, but I finally got to buy the bag and got it this week!

Matryoshkas = Happiness

She even added pockets on the inside just for me!

And I promptly filled it up--it's perfect!

It is just the cutest thing ever. I really can't get over it every time I see it. And I'm so sad that it's probably going to end up so dirty... But I'm gonna take real good care of it.

Erica is actually having a 30% off sale going on until Sunday, so hurry and head on over there and take advantage of it--she has such a variety of styles and more than just makeup bags!

Have a wonderful Good Friday and Happy Easter!

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