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April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites: Ollie Lane, Yiruma, and Love for Alyna

It's finally, finally Friday. And I'm glad it's finally this Friday and not last Friday, since this time last week I was at yet another doctor appointment having mysterious, painful lumps in my stomach inspected. Fun huh? After the opinion of two doctors, I think it's Chapman's Reflexes, basically a manifestation of organ problems, which my doctor I see every week says he's never seen a patient have before in his nine years of practice. Yay me! The good news is they're not real serious, but the bad news is they hurt and pretty much keep me nauseated. Anyway... on to some favorites!

1) This new Etsy shop:


Ollie Lane is a brand spankin' new Etsy shop run by my friend Emily, whom I met through the Cara Box exchange. Her shop is full of the cutest little hair clips and headbands, perfect for your little girl, or yourself if you feel so inclined. :) She also accepts custom orders!

These are my favorites from her shop:

How cute are these?? They're available here.
Gold (ish) and cream--you know me! Love this! It's available here.

This girl is so talented and I know this is just the beginning of how far her creativity reaches. I can't wait to see more from her! Oh, and did I mention how amazingly affordable the prices are? Do take a look around! Her pieces would make perfect Easter basket gifts!

2) This guy's music:

The Best of Yiruma by Kacie on Grooveshark

You have probably gathered by now that I love music. If you haven't, I love music! I discovered Yiruma, a Korean pianist and composer, back in college and keep coming back to his music now about five years later. (That's insanity. Anyway.) I know there's probably a good chance you've never heard of him, and if you haven't let's fix that now.

I've gathered that most people's favorite song by him is "River Flows in You." Well, true to my go-against-the-flowness, I do love that one, but it's not my very favorite. I've endeavored to list my favorites for you in order, but above all else "Kiss the Rain" is my favorite. We actually ended up using almost all of these songs, if not all of them (I'd have to double check on that) at some point in our wedding. :) (And you may or may not recognize "Gabriel" as the same song as "Nella Fantasia" from this post--they're all "Gabriel's Oboe," and "Nella Fantasia" is the version with words. Clear as mud? Good.)

3) This post from last week, in case you missed it:


It's yanked straight from the depths of my heart, so it would mean a lot to me if you took a minute, or two, to read it if you haven't yet.  

4) Bonus item to pass along! There's an Instagram auction going on tomorrow from 8 AM to 7 PM to raise money for a precious baby girl, Alyna, and her parents, Lakota and Jamie Moore, as they face Alyna's short time left on earth. She's been battling brain cancer her whole short life, and the goal is to provide the family with money to afford to make as many memories now as they can with her. (You can learn more about Alyna and her family on her mother's Instagram and on Facebook.)

You can get all the details you need for the auction at kiksnboo's Instagram, as they are the one heading it up. They have done an incredible job, and I'm anticipating raising lots of money for this family. They have already started sharing some of the items there are to choose from, since there are so many, but everyone is asked not to comment with their bids until the okay is given at 8 AM (PST) tomorrow.

There is also a fundraiser going on for the family here.

Among the items up for auction is this set of polymer clay earrings by Katya Valera:

These clay studs are bright and happy and perfect for summer!

And of course all of the money raised in this auction goes straight to the Moore family. There are so many awesome items to bid on (I hear Ollie Lane is also taking part in it!), so please take a couple minutes to head over there and see if you can't find something you'd love to win!

Happy weekend, and happy bidding!

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