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April 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up + Sweet Deal Saturday!

Well, Friday is finally over and I sit here in its aftermath. Thanks to the curse of being a pale redhead with a plethora and a half of suspicious moles, I've got my leg propped up on a chair with an ice pack to help the pain from surgery yesterday.

You may recall that I got six moles removed about a month and a half ago, and all those biopsies came back fine except one, which came back moderate. (I hear ratings go mild, moderate, severe, and melanoma.) So I got to wait a month until they finally had time for me and go back yesterday for surgery to really remove it. It was fun. So now I can't really walk from the pain/wrap around my leg. I'm just trying not to think about the fact that this will likely be a common experience for me as time goes on as, like I said, there's plenty more where that mole came from.

Anyway, the rest of my week was a whole lot better than that, with a highlight being eating corn for the first time in six months! It's one of the many foods that have been off-limits while I'm on my gut repair diet, and so far so good. I'm hoping I can continue eating it, but we shall see.

Meanwhile, here's what went down on the blog this week, in case you missed it, or just want to re-live the happiness. ;)


This Honey Balsamic Chicken is special occasion-worthy (but don't let that stop you from eating it once a week...) and healthy. Seriously. And I was so excited to share it!


I shared what this verse, a long-time favorite, means to me.


I showcased the many new pieces that have come to Katya Valera in the past few weeks, including this necklace, which you can still enter to win! The giveaway is going on here and ends April 30th!

I hit my 100th post! And shared the posts that you all have liked most from April.


And I rambled about why Jena needs to win American Idol and why Nashville is awesome, particularly Scarlett, and discovered a long-searched-for song on iTunes (which I currently have on repeat as I write this :D), by the guitar-wielding lady above. Please check out the post and then check out the song. Gorgeousness. (You guys, I could go on and on about music. Really. Like a lot. I really had a grand time writing that post. :)

And now that you're caught up and we've reached the end of another month (don't even get me started on that...), it's time for Sweet Deal Saturday!

This month's deal: Buy any pair of earrings in my shop, get any clearance pair for $1!

You can shop all my earrings here.

Yep! All my regular-priced earrings are in my shop, and all my clearance earrings are in my Clearance album on Facebook--and even on clearance are a lot more than $1 each! Here's how to do it: you can either tell me in a note at checkout what clearance earrings you want and pay for them separately afterward (no additional postage) once I list them for you, or message me on Etsy or Facebook ahead of time, and I'll list them for you on Etsy to buy at the same time as whatever regular priced earrings you want.

And there's no limit on this deal (except when I run out of clearance earrings!)--wanna buy 3 pairs of regular priced earrings and get 3 more clearance pairs for $1 each? Go for it! So go have fun shopping--this deal only lasts through today and Sunday and ends at midnight EST!

So tell me, how was your week? Have you ever had skin surgery? :/ And would you like to see more posts of me waxing eloquent on music?

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  1. Wonderful post. ;-)
    Lovely greets Ness

  2. Hi, Kacie! That honey balsamic chicken looks like a must-try! Pinned!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Blair, and for pinning! =)


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