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April 2, 2014

Wear-It Wednesday: Burnished End of Winter

Is the end of winter finally here? For real? Here in these parts, we've been known to have snow in April, so we may not be done with that stuff yet. But up in the area of the 60s for the next few days' forecast is giving me hope.

So in this lovely stage of spring but not quite all thawed out, here are some end of winter fashions featuring some jewelry by none other than Katya Valera, of course. Thanks to fantastic Polyvore. :)

Dress // Belt // Necklace // Bracelet // Shoes

This bohemian teal sheer dress is accented with a copper belt and copper flats. I paired them with this bib necklace and this copper filigree bracelet, both available at Katya Valera.

Jeans // Tank Top // Sweater // Necklace // Ring // Bracelet // Shoes

And this necklace completes a casual look too! I've placed a tan, short-sleeved sweater over a tan cami, with dark skinny jeans and studded copper flats. The look is completed with the bronze bib necklace, and then a tan cuff bracelet and a copper leather ring (not mine).

So while we're at it, can I just have these clothes, please? Can this count as a wish list? Ugh. I love these outfits... But who on earth actually pays these prices? I'm sure the real-people equivalents of these could be found for far less, you know at Burke's or Ross or T.J. Maxx (and I do happen to have shoes very similar to the second pair). The most affordable pieces here are actually my jewelry. ;)

Meanwhile, because I clipped some of my Katya Valera jewelry to Polyvore, these pieces are available for anyone to use in their styles. And people have used them. Oh my word, I about fell over. People are picking my jewelry for their Polyvore creations! Yeah, pretty much made my night, that discovery did. Now to see if they get creeped out by the fact that I commented on their sets to thank them. ;)

P.S. Linking up with Style Elixir and also Pretty & Please and The Best Day Ever So... for Pretty on SunDay!


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