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April 8, 2014

Tuesday's Two Cents: There's a Big Difference

There are so many things in life that I don't know a lot about. Like ... cars, the stock market, metal fabrication, etc. But just because I know practically nothing about them, that doesn't make me stupid. I could take the time to learn about each of them and I'd then no longer be ignorant about the topics.

But this also applies to life experience. If I were about to start college for the first time, for example, and had no idea what college life would be like, how I would juggle everything, how I would handle living in a dorm with loads of other girls, that wouldn't make me stupid either. I would simply be ignorant about such a thing because I'd never experienced it before. And experiencing that new event would remove any ignorance on the subject.

So if there's something new happening in your life that you are completely overwhelmed about, like a new problem or a new situation that you've had no experience with, small or huge, don't beat yourself up about it or let others make you feel like you're stupid simply because you don't know all about something they might know all about--you're only ingorant on the matter because you haven't experienced it before, and stupidity and ignorance are two totally different things.

And ignorance has a whole lot of potential.

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