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April 22, 2014

Tuesday's Two Cents: Not Ourselves

Back in high school, this verse first really stood out to me. So much so that I included it on my class ring (right opposite the year in Roman numerals--I absolutely love Roman numerals). I know some verses can resonate with people in different ways, but this one really spelled out one thing to me.

Being human, living on earth: it's all we've known. You just live. So for some reason, in our limited human minds, it's really easy to subconsciously feel like we are owed things--health, happiness, wealth, fairness, kindness, success, etc.--simply because we're here. And simply because we're here, we can sometimes get the idea that we're in charge.

Yet we had absolutely nothing to do with our creation and birth, and so we aren't inherently owed anything and certainly not in charge. Yes, God wants what's best for us, including joy and happiness, but we don't just arrive on this earth with a list of rights that we're owed. And He has the say in even whether we breathe another breath or not.

To me, this verse spells out: You didn't put yourself here, so what makes you think you're owed or in charge of anything?

It's all about perspective.

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