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April 22, 2013

My Little Children

All of the pieces I make here at Katya Valera are, at most, one of very few. The majority are one of a kind, and I either do not have the components to make more of them or could not get more if I wanted to.

This quality, added to how much time goes into each piece, from planning to crafting to photographing to describing, leaves no wonder that my pieces of jewelry are rather like my little children.

So when a piece sells, I’m thrilled because that’s really the point—to find some income while having to work from home. Plus, that means someone loves one of my creations enough to buy it! Yet I can’t help feeling just a little bit sad to see them go, because it’s almost like sending my children off to their new homes!

Then the slight sadness at parting can grow for added reasons.

There are always certain pieces that I love so much as soon as I make them, that I just have to keep them. That’s happened a couple of times, an occurrence I try to keep as seldom as possible, as that certainly won’t help pay any bills. 

This one never made it to Etsy :)

So inevitably, there will be pieces I complete, photograph, describe, and list, all with the thought in the back of my mind that if it goes a whole listing period without selling, maybe, just maybe, I’ll keep it for myself. 

But usually, they are summoned to their new homes in California or Minnesota or Florida. And I happily, lovingly bid them farewell and move on creating more treasures.

I really should probably just order the supplies to remake this one... Then maybe I'll get over it...

Thankfully I have a multitude of pictures to remember my pieces by, and now and then it’s quite entertaining to go back through and see pieces I’d forgotten about. 

And it’s even better to go back through and see pictures of my particularly favorite children that I’ve let go all across the country.

This bracelet = juicy

I hope they are being treated well in their happy new homes. :)

The most recent departure. It will be missed.

So, yes, please do browse and buy! But also please take care of my little children just like I did. :) 

April 5, 2013

Lovely Spring We're Having...

I love how there's snow outside right now, coming just a day or two after I decided it was spring enough to plaster a spring coupon code across my Etsy shop announcement... Ah well. Maybe spring will be here by May?

Meanwhile, the "spring" coupon code still stands, so don't miss out on 15% off your Katya Valera purchases in my Etsy shop. Just use SpringIsHere13 at checkout to apply the discount.

... Ah, the irony in that name is almost painful. :P

Happy shopping and snowman-building!