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August 9, 2016

Officially Streetlights at Midnight

You may have noticed that KV Designs has suddenly (though not so suddenly on my end ;) become Streetlights at Midnight. Streetlights at Midnight existed briefly on its own last year and then morphed into just one big collection at KV Designs. But now at long last, my cards, prints, and printables have taken over and morphed into one big shop and I am so happy!

Can you walk into a store, browse the card aisle, and find a card specifically to encourage someone who's dealing with a chronic illness? Nope. Even though an astounding number of people (I am finding more and more and more...) deal with some form of chronic health problems, invisible or not. And while you can't find Streetlights at Midnight cards in a retail store (for now! ;) you can find them in my Etsy shop.


The lack of chronic illness cards out there is reason enough for this shop to now exist. But combine that with the fact that chronic illness is very isolating (I would know this well) and the fact that I've gathered that it's very difficult to know how to help someone you care about who's dealing with such issues, and the need for Streetlights at Midnight is all the more apparent.


So we've got:
  • A gaping whole in the market
  • The chronically ills' need for encouragement
  • The eternal question of how to help
Problem solved! :)


There's a secret about helping those we care about who are going through any kind of trial that took me a long time to realize was a secret. It's that saying, "I don't know what to say," is a good thing. I think that often, people want to help but because they don't know how or don't know what to say, for fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, they do nothing. *Insert game show buzzer.* Wrong choice.


I promise. If you want to help but don't know what to say or do, a card that says just that is perfect. And once you send it, you can check out this post for more ideas or good ol' Google it. There are many posts on the subject by people like me who realize how tricky it is to help.


At Streetlights at Midnight, in addition to cards focused on faith and chronic illness, you'll find cards for every occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, and just because, and more broad encouragement cards that can apply to more than illness. And extra perk: these printed cards are 5x7" so they can easily be framed for continued enjoyment!


Even better, all the cards in the shop are also available as digital downloads! One (really small) price gets you the image that you can print over and over however and as many times as you want. (You just can't sell it, 'hear?)


In addition to greeting cards, in my shop you'll also find original quote printables, many of which focus on Chronic Illness, that I've attempted to condense into three categories: Faith, Life, and Love.







I'm very excited to say that each of the quote printables will soon be available in printed form also! In the meantime, if there is a printable or two that you really want in printed form but can't wait, please just message me and I will set up a custom listing for you!

And an extra tidbit: I was honored to be interviewed recently by my new friend Kami at Living Grace about life with chronic illness and my two shops, and if you're interested in either of those and snagging a limited time sale or two, I highly recommend you check it out! :)

I'll leave you now with the new Streetlights at Midnight commercial ;) and please feel free to browse around the shop and find something for yourself and also something to encourage someone you care about.

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