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July 22, 2013

Aw, Katya Valera Loves You All Too!

Well, my Summer Giveaway is now over, but one lucky lady now has her free, one-of-a-kind Katya Valera necklace!

I love having giveaways! But this one held added interest for me, besides getting to give away a necklace. This giveaway worked a little different from my last one: I asked you, my customers, to tell me what you love most about Katya Valera jewelry by choosing from 7 very carefully considered options to make it easier for those voting (and I hear even that was hard enough!). 

Katya Valera is, by name, jewelry you love, and based on the responses from my dear customers over the past year and a half, I know it’s true! :) But I was curious to know more specifically what you love about it.

The responses were very interesting, and they also made me very happy! You do love the prices, the everyday wearability of so many pieces, and the huge range of styles, with so many pieces being so unique.

But there was a tie between the two things you all love the most—the fact that every piece is one of a kind or one of very few, and the fact that when you like a piece, you absolutely love it!

And that makes my heart so happy because that tells me you love buying limited edition jewelry, as opposed to mass-produced pieces, and also that you get as excited about my jewelry as I do!

In the business of jewelry making, it’s pretty common practice to make a piece, realize it’s popular, and then make the same piece over and over again dozens of times to keep selling it. It’s extra risky to make limited edition pieces—that’s a lot more variety to choose from for the buyer but that much more of a risk for the seller, with the fear that some pieces might never find their happy homes. But I've chosen to stick with the one of a kind route because it’s more enjoyable for me, there’s much more room for creativity when you get to design a brand new piece every time you sit down, and I had hoped it would be more exciting for the customer to know they’re getting a piece that no one else has. And now I know you love it that way too!

Regarding the other most-chosen answer, I simply adore jewelry, period, in addition to making it. So getting to read people’s comments about how much they adore their new pieces, or better yet getting to see them ooh and ahh in person at a Katya Valera party, is exactly the reaction I want my little children to get!

So in short, I know what I love most about Katya Valera, and I know what I had hoped you all love most about it—so thank you so much for letting me know what you really do love about Katya Valera jewelry! :D


July 13, 2013

Summer Jewelry Giveaway!

 I’m super excited to announce that it’s time for Katya Valera’s Summer Giveaway!

The first necklace you could win is part of the Journey Collection and features a bronze butterfly pendant and bronze/gold heart charms placed along a wide bronze chain. Such a unique look!

The second of the necklaces is also part of the Journey Collection and features a fun assortment of pink and silver beads along thin silver chain. This bib necklace is perfect for summer!

And the third necklace you could win is part of the Juicy Collection and features juicy (of course) orange beads in various sizes and tiny clear beads along thin silver chain. Definitely a bright and happy piece!

Entering is easy, and also very valuable to me—just head over to the Katya Valera Facebook page, where you’ll see a photo with a question and several answer options. Just comment with your answer of what you love most about Katya Valera, and you’ll be entered into the drawing!

The poll closes at 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, July 19, with the winner randomly selected and announced shortly thereafter.

So go ahead and enter! You could win jewelry you love!

July 10, 2013

The Juicy Collection: Jewel Tones Galore

There is not a perfectly sufficient word in the English language to adequately describe the beauty of translucent, jewel-toned jewelry (or translucent, jewel-toned anything for that matter...). I love such hues so much that my entire wedding theme was composed of multiple jewel-toned shades.

So I have seized upon the word juicy, which admittedly means different things to different people, and lovingly apply it to anything that is translucent, jewel-toned and ... yummy (a synonymn for juicy, of course).

Think jello! ;)

Just filter any color through what it would be as jello, and you've got juicy. :)

Mmm, juicy-ness... :)
So of course there had to be an entire Juicy Collection!

See something you love? Take a look at my Katya Valera Facebook page to see how to purchase and to see even more juicy options!