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January 2, 2015

An End and a Beginning

I shared a while back an exciting glimpse of what my day's like. You know that saying that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day? I don't think that really applies to spoonies. Because I really only get about 9. I can't go to bed for 6-8 hours and get up and do all day. So even if I'm up for 12, I'm only able to do much of anything worth anything for a lot less than that.

I've also probably made it pretty clear that I am a helplessly creative person. (Hey, I've got the degree to prove it!) I am constantly adding new little (or huge) projects to my life, because evidently parts of my brain don't realize I have the limitations of a sick person, so I dream up things and plan like I have no limitations. That can lead to all kinds of disappointment, but I digress. It didn't matter that I already had a jewelry business, I had to add a blog. Then I had to add blog designing, and then the Etsy shop for that.

And while I have those creative pursuits going on, I also am a wife, and, while it is a known fact I simply will not be able to cook and clean every day like this apartment and my husband need, I do still strive to do as much as I can.

And then there's all the ways I have to take care of myself, which list continues to grow. From exercises to oil pulling, many of them are little and not time-consuming individually, but altogether they take up a good deal of time and energy out of each day, and they are obviously very high priority.

So. We have my daily health needs and routine, the regular daily house needs that I struggle to keep up with, and my current creative endeavors, specifically this blog and two Etsy shops. My time is full.

So what happens when the creative I am starts thinking up new creative outlets? Something of the above has to go. The health and housewifely duties, obviously, are a must. I need my Etsy shops, honestly, both for my happiness and to help with bills. So if I want to add any other creative pursuit to my life, that leaves the blog as the only negotiable item.

It's pretty near impossible for a non-blogger to grasp just how much time goes into a blog. I don't even try to gauge how many hours a week I spend on planning, photographing, editing and designing, writing, proofreading, and social-media-ing my posts. But I know it's a massive amount of time. And as I really only have, as I said earlier, about 9 hours a day to get things done, that blog work takes up a whole lot of that.

And so, in the interest of me opening up my time to allow myself to be creative in other ways, and so that I don't continually spread my already fragile self thinner and thinner, the end of 2014 will need to be the end of Life, KV Style. I technically could continue to blog and also make jewelry and design blogs and whatever else I want to add, try to keep up with my health needs, and try to keep the dishes done and my husband fed. But I would go crazy and would not be happy, nor would I be able to give my full (already limited) capacity to those things.

Now don't worry, I will still be all over Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, I'm still here to respond to comments and answer any questions, and I'll still be reading and commenting on all you lovely people's blogs; I just won't be keeping up with this blog. I won't be deleting it, as I want the posts to still be up as resources (particularly the recipes and Wellness Wednesday posts), and it will also be here in case I ever have any huge announcements I need to share.

And as this new year is bringing new doctors and appointments galore, honestly I'm relieved to know I'll have some time freed up to devote to those appointments, even more healthy living, and all kinds of creative endeavors--you never know what I'll dream up.

So while this may be the end of Life, KV Style, it's the beginning of all kinds of things and especially what I hope to be the beginning of a new year full of massive health strides. Thank you--again--so much to all of my readers and all the friends I've made--it's crazy to think how many bloggers I've never met in person I now consider my friends, and I hope things can stay that way even without me blogging. :) I wish you all a wonderful 2015!

“He brought them out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains. Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men, for He breaks down gates of bronze and cuts through bars of iron” (Psalm 107:14-16).

 "I will go in the strength of the Lord God" (Psalm 71:16), 

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January 1, 2015

Those Little Square Snapshots

On Monday I shared a wrap-up of the most popular posts at Life, KV Style this year, so now, of course, it's time to share some of the most popular Instagram posts! (A few jewelry pieces made that list, so I'll link to those that are still available.) And since I got Instagram in January, that means this compilation is also the most popular of my Instagram posts ever. ;)


Earrings available here

Ring available here


Necklace available here

Ring available here


Necklace available here

Necklace available here


You all really loved that last one!! {Get the recipe here.} Hey, I'm fine with cookies being my most popular IG ever! ;)

Happy New Year, you guys! :)

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