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March 2, 2016

Spring 2016 Collection Reveal at Katya Valera: "Reborn"

The day that's been in the works for five months (yes--five months) is finally here! Today my first Spring Collection is live on Etsy in all its glory.


In case you missed it, in January I announced that starting this year I would be releasing seasonal collections, with KV Wishbox, my jewelry subscription box, to precede each. The Spring 2016 KV Wishbox has come and gone (if you missed it, you really missed out on some fun, but the Summer box will be out in May!), so now it's time for the whole Spring Collection to be available for individual sale in my shop.

This collection, "Reborn," features bright colors and nature-inspired pieces to celebrate the new life of spring. It is composed of 44--yes, 44--brand new designs, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in gold, silver, bronze, and gunmetal and in many different styles--something for everyone, as always.

"Yulina" available here

"Fairlena" available here

I have to say that my favorite aspect of this collection is that a main feature is matte gold--basically my favorite color--used in nearly all of the gold pieces.

"Bianca" available here

"Diana" available here

All of these new pieces are perfect for spring but will also definitely carry you clear into summer. ...But not too far, because the Summer Collection will be here before you know it!

You can of course find all of these pieces in my shop, and you can also view them on my website. Please enjoy browsing all the new pieces, and I hope you'll find something (or four) that you love!

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