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November 13, 2013

Soldier Sweethearts, This is for You!

I’m so excited to announce a brand new collection at Katya Valera!

A while back I made, and sold, three necklaces in this theme and recently decided to polish and expand the idea into its own collection. The collection features both camouflage and red, white, and blue roses, in either silver or bronze. And in keeping with the Katya Valera tradition, each piece is one of a kind, as no two roses will ever be the same. Just like snowflakes. :)

Each rose starts as clay that's put into a mold, baked (but not too long!), glazed, and glued. It's quite a process, taking a few days to allow for drying. 


And there are also rings available in the theme!

Are you a military sweetheart? Or is there someone on your Christmas list who is? If so, this collection is perfect for you! You can message me to place an order here or here.